This Muslim-owned chocolate cafe that many travel to Malaysia for is finally open in Singapore

by Marcus Leong

How much chocolate is too much chocolate? Well, at dipndip, the sky’s the limit! If you frequent Johor Bahru (or Malaysia) often, you’re probably super familiar with their decadent chocolate desserts — they’re a must have each time I visit. 

Great news to all dipndip superfans! The popular chocolate cafe has finally opened its first outlet in Singapore — It’s about time.

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The chocolatey dessert store can be found at Level one of VivoCity — if you can’t find them, just follow the sweet smell of melted chocolate. Inside, you’ll be greeted by retro candy-shaped lights and multiple chocolate fountains overflowing with their three signature chocolate sauces — white, dark, and milk chocolate.

For those who aren’t familiar with Dipndip, they’re a Muslim-owned chocolate dessert cafe best known for their decadent desserts like brownies, crepes, and waffles drenched in a rich chocolate-y sauce — perfect for one of those days where you just need a sugary boost. All their ingredients are halal-certified.

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Fans of their (multiple) outlets in Malaysia would be thrilled to know that they can find their favourite chocolatey goodness here in Singapore whenever the random sugary craving hits. On the menu here, the popular favourites include the Strawberry Banana Delight (S$15.80), Crunchy Chocolate Pancakes (S$15.80), Triple Chocolate Crepe (S$11.80), Banana Wrap Crepe (S$13.80) and of course The Chocolate Burj (S$22.80).

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The fan favourite Fettuccine Crepe (S$17.80) is also available on the Singapore menu. In case you’re wondering, the dessert doesn’t comprise of real pasta noodles. Instead, it is crepe made into fettuccine strands doused generously in chocolate sauce of your choice, and topped with a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream.

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If you can’t decide between which sauce to get, you can always request for a half-half where you get to try two sauces — we went with the dark chocolate and milk chocolate half-half. The dark chocolate was rich and chocolatey but the milk chocolate really stole the show.

The milk chocolate was smooth, milky and not overly sweet — which is great for those who don’t have a massive sweet tooth. The vanilla ice cream really makes the dessert less jelak while adding a touch of creaminess to the chocolate-heavy dessert. Having visited both the Singapore and Malaysia outlet, the chocolates here are not as decadent or cloying as in Malaysia.

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Dipndip also has other less chocolate-centric desserts like the Caramel Cheesecake Bars (S$18.80). It comprises a specialty cream, lemon biscuit crunch, fresh seasonal fruits, drizzled with some milk chocolate sauce. The cream makes the cheesecake bars super creamy and elevates the flavours of the cream cheese.

The biscuit crumbs gives the dessert a nice crunch and an extra cinnamon flavour. The seasonal fruits also give the dessert a nice and refreshing sour zing that makes the dish less jelak too. As a cheesecake lover, this dessert really won my heart — no surprises that I’ll be back for more of this.

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The cafe also serves delicious milkshakes that are equally sinful and decadent — but definitely worth every sip. I love the Strawberry Mighty Milkshake (S$13.80) which is sweet and lightly tangy, and very creamy — just how I like my milkshakes.

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They also have a S’Mores Mighty Milkshake (S$13.80) which comes with toasted marshmallows, signature vanilla and chocolate biscuit crunch. The milkshake had a strong nutty flavour to it which I personally was not a fan of. I would have preferred it if were a little more chocolatey and milky.

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Dipndip Singapore has an exclusive kid’s menu which is great for those who plan on giving their little ones a sweet treat. They’ve also got an exciting savoury menu expected to be released soon — I’m already looking forward to trying their savoury dishes.

Which dipndip dessert are you most excited for?

dipndip Singapore
📍 1 HarbourFront Walk, VivoCity #01-51, Singapore 098585
🕑 10am—10pm (Daily)

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Photos by Marcus Leong

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