Ice cream-themed Disney Tsum Tsum pop-up at Suntec City has adorable merch & gacha machines

by Natalie Lim

Gone were the days where Candy Crush Saga filled our phone screens. Instead, the jellybeans and sprinkles were replaced with adorable Disney Tsum Tsum characters, each of them threatening to make us squeal from their cuteness. Just like Pokemon, we want to collect em’ all.

And if you’re still not over the Tsum Tsum craze, there’s an ice cream-themed Disney Tsum Tsum pop-up at Suntec City, where you’ll get to take pictures with your favourite characters and collect mini figurines. If that sounds right up your alley, we’ve got more information for you.

Disney Tsum Tsum pop-up at Suntec City

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Photo: Goldwood Souvenirs

Located at Suntec City Basement 1, in front of Cow Play Cow Moo arcade, the Disney Tsum Tsum pop-up would be hard to miss.

The kiosk is filled with gacha machines, assorted Tsum Tsum collectibles, and beautiful backdrops that’ll make you part of the Tsum Tsum scene — a Disney lover’s dream.

disney tsum tsum 2
Photo: Goldwood Souvenirs

Whether it’s the googly-eyed Mike Wazowski or the Little Green Men aliens from Toy Story you’re a fan of, cut-outs and decorations of these iconic characters are peppered all over the place. 

Of course, the classic Donald Duck, Mickey and Minnie Mouse can also be found. You just have to keep your eyes peeled for them.

Photo: Goldwood Souvenirs

But if taking pictures for keepsake isn’t enough, you can purchase a jar filled with your favourite Disney Tsum Tsum figurines to keep. Priced at S$28 for a small jar and S$40 for a large, you can pile up as many figurines as you’d like — as long as it doesn’t overflow.

Photo: Goldwood Souvenirs

Other Disney Tsum Tsum merchandise can be found at the pop-up as well. The kiosk boasts a wide selection of T-shirts, plushies and blind boxes, perfect for gifting or displaying at home to make a statement. 

Photo: Goldwood Souvenirs

For the gamers who believe that luck plays a part in this puzzle game, try your hands at the gacha machines. Each spin costs S$9 and guarantees a mini Disney Tsum Tsum character to bring home. 

The Disney Tsum Tsum pop-up will take place from now till the end of August 2021. Phase 2 or not, this makes a great place for a short visit. 

Disney Tsum Tsum pop-up at Suntec City
📍 3 Temasek Blvd, Singapore 038983, Suntec City ( B1 Fountain Court, in front of Cow Play Cow Moo)
🗓️ 11am–10pm (Monday–Thurs, Sun) 12pm–11pm (Fri, Sat)

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