Shop till you drop at this weekend flea market with a variety of vintage and pre-loved clothes, bags, accessories & more

by Marcus Leong

Get ready thrifties, there’s a new mega flea village at Queensway Shopping Centre. Taking place from 7 to 9 April 2023, Fleawhere weekend @ Queensway is back and will feature booths selling all things fashion like clothes, bags, accessories and even household items. Get ready to shop till you drop, plus it’s good for the environment too! 

Fleawhere weekend
Photo: Fleawhere/facebook

Taking over the open space near the mall, Fleawhere weekend @ Queensway has become a hotspot for thrifters and uncovering hidden fashion gems. You might even find some vintage and pre-loved branded goods here — we hear someone once thrifted a branded bag from here. 

Photo: @yahhoprickles/instagram

Spice up your wardrobe with unique pieces and surprise yourself with some special finds here. Just how special are we talking about? Well, this weekend’s lineup is set to include plenty of vendors selling their pre-loved goods from some of your favourite brands like ShopLovet, Zara, Princess Polly, and more. Get ready for your shopping bags to be stuffed to the brim, given that these items are all going for low prices — perfect for those on a budget. 

Fleawhere weekend
Photo: @oldplusgold/instagram

Apart from selling second hand items at low prices, you might also find some brand new items from brands like Love Bonito. There’s even a selection of men’s clothes and accessories — attention all boyfriends, you don’t need to sit at the “boyfriend bench” and wait for your partner to finish shopping. 

Photo: Fleawhere/facebook

The flea market isn’t just for thrifters and shopaholics. If you’re looking to clear out some of your old clothing and clothes that you no longer wear, you can also book a booth and put them up for grabs at the flea market. 

Photo: Fleawhere/facebook

You know the saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”? Well, not saying that your clothes are trash but you never know who might come by and give your pre-loved clothes and goods a new lease of life. Currently, Fleawhere has booths available for booking during weekends in April and May. If you’re keen on setting up a booth, you can head over the website to find out more.

Photo: Fleawhere/facebook

What’s also great about Fleawhere is that it’s environmentally friendly so you don’t have to feel guilty about buying too many clothes — especially since sustainable fashion is the trend these days. 

Itching to go on a shopping spree? Grab your friends and get thrifty at Fleawhere @ Queensway this weekend!

Fleawhere weekend @ Queensway 
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???? 1 Queensway Singapore, Queensway Shopping Centre, Singapore 149053
???? 12pm—7pm
????️ 7 to 9 Apr 2023

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