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Help us catch the bad deals

Nobody likes a “badlobang”

After the infamous HuaWei incident that happened on 26 July 2019, we were determined to prevent such incidents from ever repeating itself. We were inspired to create a platform for Singaporeans to share their thoughts, communicate, and update one another about deals.

What is GoodLobang Police?

Share and receive live updates on all GoodLobang deals!

On 2 August 2019, GoodLobang Police was launched. This Telegram group gives the GoodLobang community a platform to discuss and share deals. We encourage all GoodLobang Telegram Channel’s subscribers to join GoodLobang Police as it promotes healthy discussions about the deals that are shared.

If a promotional item goes out of stock, a deal becomes invalid or if there are any flaws in the T&Cs stated on our page or by the merchants, people may share and receive such updates in the group. If a deal is found to be misleading, it will be removed from GoodLobang.

How to be a part of GoodLobang Police?

  1. Search for @goodlobangpolice on Telegram.
  2. If you are already part of GoodLobang’s Telegram Channel, open the channel page and hit the “Discuss” button at the bottom right of the page.
  3. Not a Telegram user? Join us now at @goodlobang and @goodlobangpolice.

GoodLobang’s Community

We bring only the best deals on GoodLobang, and we can now allow interested parties to stay updated on deals with the help of our subscribers. GoodLobang Police is also used to provide live updates on GoodLobang exclusive deals. During the GoodLobang50 Gong Cha Treat, the group was used to update the redemption progress of the deal.

GoodLobang Must Share

Not long after GoodLobang Police started, we launched the “GoodLobang Must Share” Campaign. This campaign allows GoodLobang subscribers to redeem $10 cash simply by being the first to redeem a deal. This campaign is limited to posts with the “GoodLobang Must Share” tag (as shown below) on the GoodLobang Telegram Channel.

While it was meant to only last till the end of September, we have now extended it through the entire month of October as well. To take part, simply send a photo of the redeemed deal together with the receipt to @goodlobangpolice. Only one redemption is allowed per post and the first entry on GoodLobang Police will win $10 in cash.

Yes, it’s that simple!

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