You can now get your GrabFood orders delivered for 99 cents on-demand with no minimum spend

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The Scrooge McDuck in me jumps out every time a food delivery fee flashes before me. The concept of having your food delivered straight to your doorstep is all fun and games until you check out and the fee stands at a whopping S$10, and suddenly, you don’t feel so hungry anymore. Which is why now’s as good a time as any for you (and me!) to take advantage of GrabFood’s 99 cents on-demand delivery fee, and with no minimum spend at that. Happening from now till 14 March, you’ll get to enjoy your GrabFood favourites delivered at just 99 cents from 5pm to 11pm on weekdays

Eager to make use of the discounted delivery fee, but not quite sure what to have for dinner? Here are some suggestions that might inspire you when the time to make your order comes a-knocking.

On top of that, selected restaurants are also extending a 30% discount on their whole menu during the same period — hang tight and read on to see if your favourite restaurant is on the list! 

1. Texas Chicken 

Photo: @chocolatetbasil/instagram 

The debate for Singapore’s best fried chicken joint has seen its fair share of discourse these days, and Texas Chicken is coming in hot (literally) as a contender for the top spot. Amidst competitors, the chicken joint keeps itself competitive through its ever-so-crispy skin encasing moist, tender meat. (Here’s a little pro-tip: ask for all thigh meat pieces in your order — it’s an additional 50 cents, but well-worth the top up).

Have comforting, crunchy fried chicken delivered to your door and as you chow down on your indulgent dinner in front of an episode of Love is Blind: Japan while swooning over your favourite couples.

2. 4Fingers 

99 cents delivery
Photo: @gimme4fingers/instagram

Speaking of good fried chicken, 4Fingers finds itself as the preferred pick for those who lean more towards Korean-style fried chicken. Available in both soy garlic and spicy hot marinades, indulge in fried chicken winglets or drumettes generously coated with the flavour of your choice alongside kimchi or seaweed-dusted shoestring fries to complete the meal. 

3. Subway 

Photo: @subway.singapore/instagram

Ever true to the fuss-free dining philosophy, Subway continues to solidify its status as a one-stop joint for when you need a filling meal to grab and go, and when you want to have your greens, proteins, and carbs in one sweeping bite. 

The nature of all your ingredients and toppings sandwiched in a toasted bun also makes for a great delivery option without having to worry about soups spilling along the way, or noodles getting soggy in transit. A delivery-proof, wholesome treat all around.

4. Maki-San 

99 cents delivery
Photo: @​​​​g_lovescooking/instagram 

For years now, Maki-San has remained my go-to when those “I’m hungry but I’m not quite sure what I feel like eating” days come around. With an extensive list of ingredients to pick from, and sushi rice encased in crunchy nori, there’s nothing not to love about this convenient lunch option.

Even if sushi isn’t your thing (in which case, I’ll have to reconsider our friendship), you can opt for healthier options with their variety of salad bowl options on GrabFood.

5. Kimly Seafood 

Photo: @kimlycoffeeshop/facebook

In the mood for some zi char? I’m here to point you in the direction of Kimly Seafood, who holds the key to the myriad of Asian dishes that range from noodles, rice, seafood, vegetables, and meats. 

Have fragrant wok-fried noodles, black pepper coated prawns, and everything in between delivered via GrabFood for a dinnertime feast with the family, or just a single person’s portion for a satisfying meal in front of the television (which I frankly thoroughly enjoy more these days, sorry not sorry).

6. Toast Box 

99 cents delivery
Photo: @toastboxsingapore/facebook 

If you’re on team Toast Box where Nanyang coffee is concerned, then their menu-wide discount should spell pure joy for your breakfast or kopi needs. Take 30% off their already-affordable menu of kaya toast and coffee only on GrabFood — so instead of just having the breakfast of champions, you have the budget for two servings for an extra boost in the morning.

All that and a 99 cents delivery fee? I’m jumping on the Toast Box train faster than you can say “kopi, tea, or me”

7. Tuk Tuk Cha 

99 cents delivery
Photo: @tuktukchasg/facebook

Another merchant that’s extending a 30% discount off their whole menu is Tuk Tuk Cha, well-loved for their yummy Thai offerings that include tom yum noodles and Thai milk tea at a sweetness level of your choosing. Have a piping hot bowl of sour-spicy noodles delivered straight to your doorstep, and a cup of creamy milk tea to balance the heat. 

GrabFood 30% menu-wide discounts

Other restaurants that are also offering the 30% menu-wide discount during this period include Poke Theory, The Manhattan Fish Market, Takagi Ramen, and many more. Yes, take 30% off anything on the menu from some of your favourite restaurants, and at any time of the day because there are no time-restrictions for the promotion. Just make sure that you spend a minimum of S$25 to qualify for it. 

So you were looking for a sign for a cosy night in and a date with your favourite dishes, this is most definitely it — get settled for a scrumptious meal at home and enjoy GrabFood’s 99 cents delivery fee here.

*This post was brought to you in collaboration with GrabFood. 

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