Is Veganism on the menu with the Impossible Foods price cut?

by Evan Mua
impossible meat price cut 2021

I am essentially a carnivore. Depriving me of meat might very well contravene the Geneva Conventions as a war crime. But I do have a soft spot for plant-based meats, and the news of the Impossible Foods price cut is music to my ears.

On Tuesday, Impossible Foods announced a 30% price cut in its products for local retailers, including RedMart and NTUC Fairprice.

Currently priced at S$16.90 for 340g, Impossible Beef will cost only S$11.90 from March 1 on RedMart. It’ll be a great chance to try it for those who haven’t.

impossible foods
PHOTO: @impossible_foods/instagram

For those unfamiliar, Impossible Foods produces plant-based meat substitutes that are impossibly close to the real deal, down to the “bleeding”.

Its production uses considerably less land and water, and also generates 89 percent less greenhouse gas emissions than traditional beef.

I still remember the first time I had a taste of Impossible Meat. It was on a date with a flexitarian two years ago—anything to impress a girl, right? It’s only apt to have an impossible patty for essentially an impossible occurrence.

impossible meat three buns impossible burgers
PHOTO: @threebunssg/instagram

My virgin experience was none other than Three BunsImpossible Chedda. That was when it first penetrated the Singapore market and I couldn’t believe the striking likeness, from the tender pink flesh to the fake blood.

“Is this really not meat?” I thought. I assure you, it was that close.

Granted it wasn’t a perfect replication, but I was excited to have more. My main gripe was with the price. The Impossible Chedda cost $23 back then, way before the current Impossible Meat price cut. That’s considerably more than their meat-based burgers.

Nothing is Impossible with Impossible Foods

Since then, things have changed—not my lack of dates, depressingly—as Impossible Meat became a moderate success locally. That’s in line with vegan and flexible vegetarian, or “flexitarian”, diets getting more and more popular.

Sometimes though, even the juiciest Portobello burgers can’t scratch the itch. And the introduction of Impossible Meat provided a sweet nostalgic alternative for the health and environment conscious individuals.

Multiple top restaurants in Singapore picked it up and meat substitutes are increasingly commonplace now. If you needed some convincing, just look at some of their creations.

impossible meats impossible patty melt
PHOTO: @culivinary/instagram

A prominent adopter was sandwich bistro extraordinaire Park Bench Deli. The Impossible Patty Melt is a common feature on their menus and has gotten plenty of rave reviews.

PHOTO: Marina Bay Sands

Another big name was obviously Bread Street Kitchen, Gordon Ramsey’s baby. In a spin that might see Gordon bark “where’s the meat, you donkey”, they recreated his signature in the form of the Impossible Wellington.

PHOTO: Violet Oon Singapore/facebook

Impossible Meat isn’t just limited to Western style dishes though. Violet Oon, in particular, came up with an Impossible Satay, giving new life to one of Singapore’s all-time favourite dishes.

As the professionals have shown, it is possible to make great food from Impossible Meat. Now’s a great opportunity to try it out yourself with the price cut—maybe even explore an alternative diet with Impossible Meat.

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