Get both your cold brew and Nasi Lemak fixes at new Fangko+ Coffee

by Evan Mua
fangko+ coffee and beer

Fangko+ Coffee & Beer is the newly opened outlet of Fangko Coffee, which had been operating out of Oxley Tower since 2019.

Décor is clean and simple, without much bells and whistles like other new cafés. A cute array of fairy lights hanging from the ceiling does give some nice vibes though.

Besides serving specialty coffee, it also serves up some sumptuous Indonesian dishes. With most cafés in Singapore being Western-centric, new cafés with Asian focus are a welcome sight.

fangko+ coffee smashed chimken
PHOTO: @s_o_juu/instagram

Fangko+ Coffee’s signature dish is undoubtedly their Smashed Chimken (S$7). It’s selling point is the smashed chicken, essentially a chopped-up chicken thigh ayam penyet, fried in homemade spicy sambal.

The catch is that customers get to customise their own spice level, going from level 1–12. Just be wary that it might get hot, even according to some born-and-raised Indonesians.

fangko+ coffee best nasi lemak singapore
PHOTO: @whatisdieting/instagram

The other Instagram darling on Fangko+ Coffee’s menu is the Nasi Lemak Ayam Berempah (S$10). Not only is the plate filled to the brim with ingredients like achar and keropok, the centrepiece of blue pea flower-coloured rice looks gorgeous.

fangko+ coffee indomie goreng maggi goreng singapore
PHOTO: @kevin_the_hiak/instagram

If you aren’t keen on rice, there are other carb options like their Indomie Goreng with Smashed Chimken (S$8). You get to enjoy both the magic of their signature chicken and also the sinful treat that is maggi goreng.

PHOTO: @_zhihui.lim/instagram

Fangko+ Coffee also offers food that leans more towards your typical café style. They include the 20HK Burger (S$9) with a thick slab of deep-fried chicken breast, and the classic Truffle Fries (S$6).

PHOTO: @yongkaiiii/instagram

If the food options sound like too much spice, Fangko+ Coffee has a bunch of beverages to quell the heat. In particular, many love the popular Fangko Coffee (S$4.50), a cold brew made with house-roasted beans, milk and gula melaka.

PHOTO: @foodieggy/instagram

Alternatively, the Iced Lychee Tea (S$2.80) and Iced Peach Tea (S$2.80) are also available for fruit lovers.

It’s quite unlike other traditional cafés, but Fangko+ Coffee & Beer is perfect for those who want Asian flair and hearty dishes for their café hops. With places like Punch and Pivot in the area, this could easily slot into those Sunday brunch itineraries.

FANGKO+ Coffee & Beer
???? 20 Hongkong St, #01-03, Singapore 059663
????️ 8am–6pm (Mon–Tues, Thurs), 8am–10pm (Fri–Sat, Wed), 11am–5pm (Sun)

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