Popular burger joint from Hong Kong opens its first overseas outlet in Singapore with signature smashed burgers, scallop burger & more

by Marcus Leong

I can never pass up on a good and hearty burger. Burger fans like me who are looking to satisfy their meaty cravings, you’ll definitely want in on this: Honbo — a popular burger joint from Hong Kong — is opening their first international outpost in Singapore on 28 July 2023! Remember to save this date if you want to chow down on some juicy burgers. 

Photo: Honbo

Nestled within the iconic CHIJMES, Honbo serves signature American-style smashed burgers crafted in-house made with top quality ingredients — no nasties because you deserve only the good stuff. Everything, and we mean everything, is made entirely from scratch, with the flavours specially tailored to suit the Asian palate. 

In case you’re wondering what Honbo means, it comes from the Cantonese word for hamburger. 

Photo: Confirm Good

The iconic Honbo burger (S$18) features two crispy beef patties, cheese, pickles, onion, and a house sauce. Take the fun up a notch with the Honbo 1.5 (S$23) that comes with three beef patties, or go all out with the Honbo 2.0 (S$28) that has a whopping four beef patties. 

Photo: Confirm Good

What I love about the beef patties is they’re not densely packed together and you get coarse bits of beef with each bite — that’s because the beef patties are ground in-house daily! I’ll definitely be back to devour the Honbo 2.0 next because the patties are just that good. 

Photo: Confirm Good

Just when I thought nothing can top the Honbo burger, in comes the Gold Standard (S$28). It is essentially the Honbo burger but with thicker beef patties, bacon, and lettuce. All I can say is, this burger truly lives up to its name. The chunkier beef patties make for a juicier bite, which is perfect for those who prefer a meatier burger. 

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The bacon strip is cooked to the perfect crisp and adds a touch of smokiness to the burger. What’s interesting is that the pickles in the burger gave it a burst of sweetness — which I quite enjoyed even though I’m typically a no-pickles kinda guy. 

The secret house sauce made the burger extra umami but if you want an extra spice kick, you can add a dollop of Hondo’s special chilli sauce. This ended up being my favourite burger on the menu. 

Available for a limited time only (what a pity) is the Scallop Burger (S$26) which features succulent scallops seared to perfection, and topped with a wasabi mayo sauce. What’s great is that the wasabi is very mild so you won’t be hit with that sudden sting. 

The sauce really elevated the natural sweetness of the scallops and made for a perfect pairing. The burger also comes with rocket which helps to make it feel less greasy — and don’t worry, you can hardly taste the bitterness thanks to the wasabi sauce. 

Photo: Confirm Good

Other burger offerings on the menu include the classic Cheeseburger (S$18), Hamburger (S$15), Teriyaki Chicken Burger (S$18), and an Impossible Burger (S$22) for the vegan and vegetarian folks. 

Photo: Confirm Good

For snacks, my favourite was the Sweet Potato Fries (S$8), comprising thick wedge-cut fries lightly dusted with sugar and a side of chilli dip. The wedges were fried to a nice golden crisp, but I think they were yummy as is, without the sauce.

Photo: Confirm Good

Other sides include Chilli Fries (S$15), Buffalo Wings (S$15), Lemon Pepper Wings (S$15) and more. 

After all that feasting, you’ll need some drinks to help you wash the food down. My favourite is Mike’s Lemonade (S$7) which has a nice sour zing and a refreshing touch of mint which really helps to cut through the grease. 

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can try the Michelada (S$7). It’s a mix of beer, tomato juice and a splash of dashi for a savoury finish — some say it’s good, but I say it’s probably not for me. 

The next time those burger cravings hit, you can head down to Honbo to be satisfied. It’s also conveniently located within CHIJMES — which is a short walk from City Hall MRT — so you can head down for a hearty meal after wrecking your brains the whole day! 

Can’t resist thick and juicy burgers? You know where to go to get them now!

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???? 30 Victoria Street, #01-09 CHIJMES, Singapore 187996
???? 12pm—10pm (Daily)

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Photos by Marcus Leong

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