You can now find ice cream matcha oreos at Sheng Siong supermarkets

by Christabel Tan

It is not uncommon to find unique Oreo flavours like white peach oolong, sour plum, and even an orange-flavoured Oreo Fizzy. Too bizarre for you? Here’s a flavour that hits closer to home (and my heart) — limited edition Ice Cream Matcha Oreos. Yes.

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As someone who is constantly on the lookout for interesting oreo flavours in supermarkets and online retailers, this has certainly piqued my interest. I’ve also raved about my love for matcha countless times — you’re probably sick of it by now.

ice cream matcha
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First launched in China, this exclusive oreo flavour has a unique cooling sensation that evokes the experience of enjoying ice cream. It has finally made its way to our shores, and into the hallowed shelves of Sheng Siong, but in a different packaging.

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I hear they taste great as an ice cream topping. Crushed oreos on matcha ice cream sounds like the perfect midday treat.

ice cream matcha
Photo: Moneydigest

A box of 10 oreos retails for S$1.35 at selected Sheng Siong supermarkets. Even then, we could always use more matcha-flavoured treats and desserts. The search continues.

Ice Cream Matcha Oreo
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