Hidden gem Japanese BBQ Tora lets you indulge in Yakiniku from just S$7.90

by Evan Mua
japanese bbq tora

Yakiniku is something that gets Singaporeans hot and bothered — the lines for places like Yakiniku Like are sometimes quite daunting. That’s why Yakiniku lovers should bookmark Japanese BBQ Tora as another affordable alternative.

You can have a hearty round of Yakiniku from as low as S$7.90 there. It’s nice to see affordable Yakiniku alternatives pop up, especially since everyone is stuck in Singapore and have plenty of time to queue for authentic Japanese food.

japanese bbq tora
Photo: Japanese BBQ Tora

You might be wondering why this gem hasn’t been talked about more? It’s mostly since it’s hidden inside Alexandra Central Mall, a rather inconspicuous mall.

The name “Tora” stands for tiger in Japanese. Japanese BBQ Tora isn’t the flashiest in terms of decor but it has a touch of its own personality — just look at that eye-catching Astro Boy statue.

japanese bbq tora yakiniku
Photo: Japanese BBQ Tora

Of course, the star here is the Buta Karubi and Chicken Set (S$7.90/100g, S$11.90/200g).

For that price tag, you get a mix of finely sliced pork and chicken cubes. Really quite the value for your money.

But the other items that Japanese BBQ Tora offered on their menu are also quite reasonably priced too. You can get a Karubi Beef Short Plate at S$8.90 for 100g, S$12.90 for 200g, and S$16.90 for 300g.

japanese bbq tora cheap yakiniku singapore
Photo: Japanese BBQ Tora

But if you want a more tender cut than the Beef Short Plate, you can get a Karubi Loin Set that’s a mix of Beef Short Plate and Loin at S$13.90 for 100g and S$18.90 for 200g.

Alternatively, there are also more luxurious cuts for the straight ballers. If you ever wanted to cook your own steak on a grill, then get the American Wagyu Steak at S$19.90 for 150g or S$27.90 for 200g.

Otherwise, the Kin Tora Set is another good choice for a lavish dinner, literally translated as “golden tiger”. The set comes with Beef Tongue, Short Ribs and Top Plate Set at $19.90 for 150g or S$25.90 for 250g.

japanese bbq tora
Photo: Japanese BBQ Tora

Best of all, they serve their sets with a bowl of rice, miso soup, and a choice of salad or kimchi. Sometimes, meat alone isn’t enough and we need rice — we’re Asians after all.

Plus they also provide two different sauces to pair with your meat — a Tora Original BBQ sauce or Wasabi BBQ sauce.

While Japanese BBQ Tora isn’t as popular as other Yakiniku hotspots (yet), it offers another great affordable option without the queues. For just S$7.90, it’s a very wallet-friendly price for a dish that’s usually on the pricier side.

Japanese BBQ Tora
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