Just opened: get spirited away by Suzuki Gourmet Coffee’s zen Japanese cafe vibes

by Evan Mua
suzuki gourmet coffee singapore

There’s a hidden gem for those missing Japan so much that you wanna be spirited away. Suzuki Gourmet Coffee located in Boon Lay looks so much like a cafe in Japan that you’d take out your phone to check your GPS location.

While there’s a lot of talk of places that “transport you to” those countries, none have looked as vivid as Suzuki. And people on social media are fawning over the tasteful decor.

suzuki coffee singapore
Photo: @saltyaaron/instagram

Firstly, your eyes will be captured by the exterior the moment you arrive. Its facade looks exactly like one of the Japanese cafes hidden in the grungey industrial complexes of Tokyo.

But as the old saying goes: “it’s the inside that matters”. Suzuki Gourmet Coffee is amazingly gorgeous inside. 
It’s like walking into a different world.

Photo: @suzukicoffee & @madhanrui/instagram

The elegant wooden decor and the light spilling in from the tall windows — almost feels like a zen little spot in Kyoto.

Every part of the interior at Suzuki Gourmet Coffee is intricately designed to remind you of that iconic Japanese Zen teahouse ambiance.

The whole ensemble of the communal sitting space and window-side seats scream aesthetic. And those sliding doors aren’t normally found even in the other Japanese cafes in Singapore.

It’s especially captivating with the beautiful fixtures like the Bonsai plants and the water feature. It’s almost like a miniature Japanese garden can be found in the middle of Suzuki Gourmet Coffee.

However, they aren’t technically a new opening. They’ve actually existed since 1979, and are one of the oldest coffee roasters in Singapore. But Suzuki Gourmet Coffee had decided to revamp this year and came up with this new teahouse-inspired concept.

The coffeehouse’s espresso-based drinks use single-origin Arabica coffee beans roasted in-house. What makes their coffee even more special is the use of Hokkaido Milk. It’s a creamier choice only a handful of cafes in Singapore use.

suzuki gourmet coffee singapore
Photo: @yongweikai/instagram

You can find the typical coffee options like Hokkaido Latte, Cappuccino, or Flat White for S$8. Alternatively, if your tummy isn’t fond of dairy, then maybe get a Long Black for S$7.

Suzuki Gourmet Coffee also offers switches from Hokkaido milk to Japanese Soy Milk at no additional charge.

Besides the Espresso-based drinks, they also offer a selection of Filter Coffee using lighter roasts. Some include Kenya (S$8.50), Yemen (S$9.50), and the ubiquitous and easy-to-drink Ethiopian (S$8.50).

suzuki coffee
Photo: @madhanrui/instagram

If you want a bit of tea to match the Kyoto teahouse vibes at Suzuki Gourmet Coffee, they also have classic tea latte options. Choose your tea fix from the simple Matcha and Hojicha Lattes (S$8/S$9 for iced), or the spruced-up Anmitsu Matcha and Hojicha Latte (S$9/S$10 for iced).

It’s great that Suzuki Gourmet Coffee went through with their revamp while where we’re trapped in Singapore. If you’re missing Japan, then the Zen teahouse vibes are just the medicine you need for your wanderlust illness.

Suzuki Gourmet Cofee
???? 8 Chin Bee Ave, Singapore 619932
????️ 10am–5pm (Mon–Fri), 10pm–4pm (Sat)

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