New Keisuke outlet Sapporo Misono offers Hokkaido miso ramen from $12.90

by Natalie Lim

There are many ramen outlets in Singapore, but it’s safe to say that the one most Singaporeans are acquainted with is Keisuke. Besides being the largest ramen chain in the country, the brand also has each of its outlets specialising in different ramen flavours — from tonkotsu to crab and even lobster broth, there’s a myriad of variants to choose from.

Adding on to their list would be Sapporo Misono, the first-ever Hokkaido speciality ramen concept by the Keisuke Group. Served with a flavourful miso broth, a dollop of butter and a scoop of sweet corn, this is a Sapporo speciality that we can look forward to.

Chef Keisuke Takeda’s 9th ramen concept, Sapporo Misono

sapporo misono keisuke
Photo: Ramen Keisuke

Tucked in a corner of Millennia Walk, Sapporo Misono makes a great stop for those within the CBD’s vicinity. Enter the restaurant and you’ll be greeted by one of Hokkaido’s most iconic wildlife, the Ezo bear.

The statue makes for a great photo op, but it isn’t the only thing that’s worthy of note.

sapporo misono keisuke
Photo: Ramen Keisuke

Sapporo Misono specialises in Hokkaido-style ramen, where rich miso broth is scorched before serving for a fully distinct and smoky flavour. Served with a generous slice of butter and a dash of sweet corn, these ingredients are mixed together to create an umami-rich profile.

At S$17.90, the Hokkaido Sapporo Miso Ramen with Butter & Corn Special is guaranteed to be a hearty meal. The distinct broth is served with springy-chewy Sapporo noodles, a hanjuku egg and a huge slice of char shu — a trip to Japan if you may.

For smaller appetites, opt for the Miso Ramen (S$12.90). You’ll still get to taste the earthy flavours of fermented soy paste without stretching your tummy.

Photo: @ramen_keisuke/instagram

The Hokkaido Sapporo Scorched Shoyu Ramen (S$16.90) will suit those with a lighter palate. Though comparatively lighter, it still delivers a savoury punch with a hint of smokiness.

sapporo misono keisuke
Photo: Ramen Keisuke

Other side dishes such as Pork Gyoza (S$5.50 for 5pc) and Hokkaido Potato Mochi (S$6.90) are available too. We recommend going for the latter, though. Made with deep-fried potato and glutinous rice, the crispy shells are topped with a sweet-savoury mix of teriyaki sauce and butter. 

Of course, fans of the Keisuke Group can also look forward to the complimentary spicy beansprouts we’re so familiar with. 

For the full menu, click here.

Sapporo Misono
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???? 9 Raffles Boulevard, #02-15 Millenia Walk, Singapore 039596
????️ 11.30am–3pm, 5pm–9pm (Mon–Fri), 11.30am–9pm (Sat, Sun)

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