Just opened: get your hands dirty with ice cream croissants from Madame Ooze

by Evan Mua

All café hoppers love gelato, and they fancy a nice croissant too. So, it’s only natural new café Madame Ooze went ahead to marry the two.

The ice cream parlour opened their doors just a few weeks ago at Adler Hostel. Due to the pandemic restrictions, the boutique hostel took to repurposing their first floor into Madame Ooze.

madame ooze singapore review
Photo: @madameooze/instagram

Madame Ooze fills the shop space vibrant colours and quirkily arranged furniture, which gives it an intimate but trendy vibe.

It almost feels like you stepped into someone’s cosy home with tall few mirrors and potted plans littered around the place.

One charming aspect of Madame Ooze is the charming unorthodoxy to their branding—from the wacky abstract art logo to their wacky (and meme-y) Instagram feed, it’s a wild ride.

Photo: @madameooze/instagram

But what else makes Madame Ooze worth a trip down? It’s their specialty Croissant with Ice Cream, of course. While places like Dopa Dopa creamery do it too, it’s still a rather rare sight.

Their Ice Cream costs $4.20/single scoop, S$8/double scoop, or S$11/triple scoop. To complete the set, a Croissant will set you back a further S$4.50.

madame ooze singapore croissant and ice cream
Photo: @eileen_eats_alot/instagram

As a result of the warm toasted croissant, the ice cream turns soft. Just as your legs would as you stare at the ice cream deliciously oozing out.

If you’re curious about the flavours at Madame Ooze, the basic flavours include Salted Caramel, New York Blueberry Cheesecake, and Madagascan Vanilla.

Photo: @madameooze/instagram

But if you want more luxurious pairings, you can find Kyoto Hojicha, Kyoto Matcha, and Sicilian Pistachio for the premium flavours (+$0.50).

For each croissant and ice cream order, customers are given a choice of a complimentary toppings. Some popular choices include chocolate chips and freeze-dried raspberries .

For pastry fans that want choices besides their croissants, Madame Ooze also serves a Cinnammon Bun (S$2.50). Ironically, it’s not wildly oozing with glaze like at other places, despite the name.

Photo: @madameooze/instagram

Alternatively, their bubbly tonic water mixes of Salted Plum, French Lavender, and Rose (S$6) are great for those who just want thirst quenchers.

Madame Ooze is a nice chilling spot if you’re in the Chinatown and want to sit down with some ice cream. Not to mention the unique croissant and ice cream combo will be sure to appeal to many café hoppers.

Madame Ooze
Facebook | Instagram
???? 259 South Bridge Road, Singapore, 058808
????️ 12pm–10pm (Mon–Sun)

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