New Void Café at SOTA offers specialty coffee while you’re furniture shopping

by Evan Mua

Ever think to yourself “I wonder how my morning cuppa will feel like on this chair” while hunting for a new sofa? Sure there’s one situated above a furniture store, but what about opening inside one? Void Café is here to fill that void.

The 3-day-old café situated at SOTA is a multi-concept café of sorts. They share their space with furniture makers Etch & Bolts who have their catalogue on display.

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Customers can choose to nestle themselves into any of the cosy chairs for maximum comfort. Each piece has a price tag attached so if you somehow fall in love with a chair during your stay, bring it home.

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It has to be said, the organised clutter of the furniture lends a unique and gritty urban vibe to the place. There’s also a touch of retro-modern flair thrown in too from an array of quirky prints and rustic leather couches.

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Void Café aren’t allowed to serve food due to restrictions, but you’d notice their menu is still quite extensive.

For their coffee, they use a special house blend that’s a mix of Brazilian and Sumatran single origins. I was also informed that they roast their own beans, as all good specialty coffeehouses should.

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You can get espresso-based drinks like a Cappuccino (S$5.80) or Flat White (S$5.80) or if you have a sweet tooth, choices like Matcha Latte (S$7.20/hot, S$8.20/iced) and Mocha Ice Blended (S$7.50) are also available

Their flat white was not bad—a decent microfoam mouth feel, gentle floral notes, a nice dose of nuttiness. There was also a moderate amount of acidity, which might appeal to some.

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The café’s supposed signature however, is actually their cold brews with Black (S$6.50), White (S$7) and Filtered Coffee (S$7.50) options available. You can get it straight from their website too, if it’s too far a detour.

PHOTO: VOID Café/facebook

There’s also something for all the boba fanatics in their signature cold brew range—a Single Origin Boba Tea (S$5.80). It was sold out when I visited so that has to be a good sign. They also have a 1-for-1 opening promo if 1 isn’t enough (it never is).

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There are admittedly some opening kinks. Maybe it’s the crowd but I felt my order was prepared somewhat slowly. Still, there are enough intriguing trinkets to hold your attention. Or you could just slump into one of their comfy chairs.

It’s the early days but Void Café’s cosy ambiance will certainly appeal as a chilling spot for students from neighbouring SOTA and SMU.

Void Café
Facebook | Instagram
???? 1 Zubir Said Dr, #01-01 School of the Arts, Singapore 227968
????️ 11am–8pm (Daily)

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