Maybelline Sky High mascara is trending on TikTok and here’s why

by Natalie Lim

TikTok is the new Facebook. Aside from the memes (and cute puppies), there’s also informational content about life, mental health and even makeup. So when Maybelline’s new Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara went viral on TikTok, we had to check it out.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara

The mascara first made its appearance on TikTok, from user @jessica.eid_ who worked with Maybelline New York to help promote its new Lash Sensational Sky High Mascara.

In the video, Jessica posted her review of the mascara showcasing the difference of her lashes with and without the product. The video has since garnered a whopping 4.1 million views.

Maybelline Sky High 1
Photo: Screen grab from @jessica.eid_’s TikTok

Some were doubtful of the fact that Jessica was a #MaybellinePartner and may have been biased in her review, but other product testers quickly shut the noise down. To date, the hashtag #maybellineskyhighmascara has a huge 17 million views on TikTok, and it’s become the latest viral makeup product.

According to the reviews, not only is the mascara incredibly buildable, but it also creates volume and extends every lash from root to tip without clumping.

Exclusive Flex Tower mascara brush

Maybelline Sky High 2

The magic lies in the exclusive Flex Tower mascara brush for this series. Unlike the usual brushes that are rigid, the Flex Tower brush bends to volumize and extend every lash, no matter the angle. What’s more, the formula is infused with bamboo extract and lengthening fibres, and it doesn’t weigh lashes down.

Sold out four times after going viral


When it was first launched on, the product sold out within weeks. This came as no surprise since it was priced at an affordable US$13 (S$18).

The product debuted in 2020, but it’s just become available worldwide in January 2021. Unfortunately, they’ve yet to be released in Singapore drugstores, with Watsons and Guardian only carrying their older series. But hey, it’s available online on Shopee.

Fastest fingers first.

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