McDonald’s Singapore is going to have a Laksa Delight Burger with butter buns and prawn patty


It’s going to be National Day soon, and you’ve probably seen (and tried) many of the innovative and uniquely Singaporean creations that many other food places have come up with to celebrate our sunny island’s birthday. 

KFC Singapore’s Satay Crunch Fried Chicken, Starbucks’ Shiok-ah-chinos, Old Chang Kee’s Chilli Crab Mantous, a myriad of durian fusion dishes from various places, and the list goes on. 

Starbucks National Day
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And of course, we can’t forget the fast food giant McDonald’s for their iconic yearly National Day creations — the crispy Hainanese Chicken Burger from last year, the Ha Cheong Gai burger from a couple of years back and so on. 

McDonald's National Day Hainanese Burger
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This year, McDonald’s Singapore has started putting up posters of their version of this year’s National Day special — the Laksa Delight Burger

McDonald's National Day Laksa Delight Burger Singapore
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The Laksa Delight Burger will consist of a crispy prawn patty sandwiched between two buttery toasted buns, and completed with a creamy laksa sauce. The burger also comes with fresh lettuce, purple cabbage and what seems to be a perfect sunny side-up egg in the signature McDonald’s style (like the kind you get in your Egg McMuffin!). 

With all the important ingredients that make a delicious, hearty bowl of our hawker favourite (minus the cockles and bean sprouts, sadly!) we have high hopes on how the Laksa Delight Burger will fare in the taste department. 

In previous years, the National Day burgers will also usually come with accompanying drinks and desserts that are equally festive like the Kopi Frappe, Bandung McFizz and more. 

McDonald's National Day Bandung McFizz
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While the fast food chain has yet to announce any of their other National Day items, we’re more than stoked to see what’s to come with the tantalising Laksa Delight burger! 

The Laksa Delight Burger will be released towards the end of the month, so keep your eyes peeled to be one of the firsts to try it out! 

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