McDonald’s introduces “galaxy” sea salt McFlurry & Angus Mushroom Supreme

by Vera

At this point, I’m certain that our calendars are marked by new McDonald’s menu items. In between all that, we’re just taking it one day at a time, and who can blame us? That said, your new personality trait is here with McDonald’s bringing us the three S’s — sea salt, sprinkles, and swirls, along with a special edition burger.

Sea Salt McFlurry (S$3)

Photo: @hangrygang/instagram

Previously available in Malaysia, the Sea Salt McFlurry has finally reached our shores, and it looks like a kaleidoscope of galaxy hues. Boasting shades of violet, indigo, and blue, to call it a literal and figurative milky way would be apt. It’s gorgeous to snap away at, but how does it fare in the taste department?

Photo: @fishwelleats/instagram

Garnering mixed reviews, the icy treat has been described as “not salty at all” and also “creamier & sweeter than soft serve versions”, as well as a “Queen Elsa kind of ice cream”, because of its blue tones. From the consensus, it seems like it’s a good seasonal menu item to try just once, but it perhaps might not make it to your mainstay of ‘go-to’s.

Angus Mushroom Supreme

Photo: @hannahalkaff/instagram

Something that you might be able to get behind, however, is the Angus Mushroom Supreme that comes as a special seasonal burger for the festive period. It features a 100% Angus beef patty topped with a bed of grilled mushrooms and McDonald’s signature herb aioli sauce.

Photo: @milkiss211/instagram

As it has just been launched, at the time of writing, there haven’t been many reviews on it just yet, but Instagram user @milkiss211 appears to be enjoying it in her latest Instagram reel.

Photo: @milkiss211/instagram

The special meal also comes with potato wedges instead of the usual shoestring fries, presenting more of a bite to pair with your Angus burger. For dessert, a mango pie awaits, stuffed with mango purée and nata de coco bits.

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