Mr. Burger at Bugis sells saucy & sinful Ramly Burgers made the authentic Malaysian way

by Evan Mua

One of the foods from Malaysia many of us miss is their version of Ramly burgers. Ramly burgers in Singapore are decent don’t get me wrong but there’s just something more satisfying about those we find at random carts by the streets of JB. If you’re missing it like us, then check out the new Mr. Burger at Bugis.

Set up by a Malaysian chef, Mr. Burger does Ramly just the authentic way the Malaysians like it so you can get a taste of the decadent flavour bombs even if you don’t have time to join in all the VTL fun.

mr. burger singapore
Photo: Ginny Teoh/facebook

But the stall doesn’t just specialise in Ramly burgers, the owner is also bringing some of his other favourite Malaysian street food to Singapore including BBQ sausages and other finger food including waffle potato.

So if you want to sink your teeth into that familiar sauce-dripping street food favourites, you’d probably want to grab one of their signature sauce-drenched Ramly Burgers (S$5/ala carte, S$6.50/set) — just top up a bit more for the set to get some crinkle-cut fries to go with your buns!

mr. burger singapore ramly burger
Photo: Mr. Burger 堡大人

The owner uses sauce that’s specially imported from Malaysia for that bona fide oomph and nostalgia, while also embellishing each patty with some chilli powder to really ingrain all that richness into each one. I don’t know about you, but I want my Ramly burgers as sinful and greasy as possbile — so that’s how I want it done.

Other than the messy indulgence of the Ramly classic, Mr. Burger also has other interpretations of the burger that Singaporeans may also find interesting.

mr. burger singapore
Photo: Ginny Teoh/facebook

For example, there’s the humble American Style Burger (S$6/ala carte, S$7.50/set) and more Asian-inspired fusion twists such as the sizzling China Style Mala (S$5.50/ala carte, S$7/set) and Thai Tom Yum Mayo (S$5.50/ala carte, S$7/set).

Otherwise, you can also chomp down on some juicy BBQ Sausages which come in a wide array of sauces and styles with the Original priced at S$1.50. With everything from Mala (S$1.80) to Cheesy (S$1.80) and Wasabi Mayo (S$1.80), they’ve covered their bases for every type of palate out there.

Mr. Burger 堡大人
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