McDonald’s Singapore now has Japanese-inspired desserts like Hojicha flavoured soft serve, McFlurry, Yuzu Cream Pie & more


Has anyone else noticed that McDonald’s Singapore has been on an all things Japanese roll recently? Pokemon-themed happy meals, Samurai burgers, seaweed shaker fries (an evergreen favourite!) — and we’re definitely not complaining about it! 

mcdonald's hojicha
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Especially if you managed to get your hands on the highly coveted Pikachu carrier (well done!) as well as the Pokemon trading cards – and if not, soothe your disappointment with more Japanese-inspired goodies that McDonald’s Singapore has just added to the mix. Head over to your nearest McDonald’s dessert kiosks and check out the variety of Hojicha-flavoured desserts that will be released this afternoon.

For those who aren’t familiar with how Hojicha tastes — it’s basically a type of Japanese green tea that’s been slowly roasted over charcoal to give it that smoky, nutty and aromatic flavour.

mcdonald's hojicha
Photo: McDonald’s Singapore

Enjoy the refreshing aromatic roasted tea goodness of the Hojicha soft serve (S$1.20), Hojicha twist cone (S$1.20) perfect for those who still want some of that good ol’ vanilla flavour, Hojicha McFlurry (S$) and Hojicha Hot Fudge Sundae (S$).

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If you’ve always enjoyed a good Hojicha moment, you will probably thoroughly enjoy these McDonald’s Hojicha ice creams.

mcdonald's hojicha
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And if you have a hankering for a hot dessert instead (perfect for the rainy weather), there’s also the sweet and tangy Yuzu Cream Pie (S$) – great for those who absolutely love yuzu anything! To take it up a notch, here’s an idea — order the Yuzu Cream Pie and have it together with the Hojicha ice cream for an interesting treat! 

mcdonald's hojicha
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Imagine this: ending off your savoury and peppery Samurai burger and seaweed shaker fries meal with an earthy and yummy Hojicha sweet treat at the end of the day — doesn’t get better than that!

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