McGriddles returns to Singapore again for breakfast, after just 4 months

by Evan Mua
mcgriddles singapore 2021

We all remember when McGriddles returned to Singapore earlier this year — people were going crazy for it. Everybody got even more excited when they made it available for all-day breakfast. And then… they removed it.

Thankfully, McDonald’s realised their mistake and swiftly brought back Singapore’s favourite sweet-savoury breakfast item, after just 4 months. It will be available from 15 July 2021 onwards.

Hey, at least it didn’t take 20 years like the Chicken McCrispy!

mcgriddles singapore 2021
Photo: McDonald’s Singapore

But unlike its previous return, McGriddles won’t be an all-day affair in Singapore just yet. They are bringing it back for breakfast only, at least for now.

So now, breakfasts have become a bit more exciting. You can choose from Sausage McGriddles (S$4.50), Sausage McGriddles with Egg (S$5.40), and the McGriddles Stack (S$6.20).

If you haven’t had the McGriddles before, there’s a reason they are so popular in Singapore. Each burger comes with a juicy chicken sausage patty that’s embraced between two syrupy maple-flavoured griddle cakes.

mcgriddles singapore 2021
Photo: @vivienneeluv/instagram

The result is a beautiful combo of both sweet and savoury, with a soft pancake-like texture from the griddle cakes that’s a bit moister than the normal breakfast muffins.

You can also have it with a sunny side up in the form of the Sausage McGriddles with Egg.

But if you’ve really missed it in the past 4 months when McDonald’s removed it from Singapore menus, you might want to go for the hefty McGriddles Stack to satiate your cravings.

mcgriddles singapore 2021
Photo: @sugar73/instagram

This big boi comes loaded with double the goodness — a stack of two sausage patties within the maple flavour griddle cakes, and slices of decadent crispy turkey bacon.

While we’re happy it’s back, we’re not sure how the McGriddles will stay on the menu in Singapore. So, if you want to avoid the FOMO, remember to order in some McDelivery so you can munch on them while working from home.

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