Authentic homestyle bento sets at hidden Japanese-owned Mochi Mochi Cafe in NEWest

by Christabel Tan

Even though I love discovering all sorts of hidden gems, I have a soft spot for authentic and underrated Japanese cuisine. Enter Mochi Mochi Cafe. Run by a Japanese couple, this unassuming cafe-bistro is tucked away in NEWest along West Coast Drive.

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Despite only offering takeaway and delivery services, the cafe officially opened for dine-in last November, much to the delight of their regular customers.

mochi mochi cafe
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Its homely, no-frills interior is reminiscent of the restaurants featured on the Japanese Netflix series The Road to Red Restaurants List. Oh, what I’d give to be like the character Suda, taking a road trip and visiting eateries off the beaten path.

Heartwarming & hearty fare

Photo: PS Goh

Most of the bentos available are priced at a wallet-friendly S$11. Go for the Japanese Curry Set (S$11) or Japanese Beef Set (S$11), all of which are served with an assortment of sides, like pickled vegetables, bamboo shoots, and fluffy potato salad.

An a la carte menu is also available — you can order a Keema Curry (S$8) or Grilled Salmon (S$12), for instance, without the rice and sides.

mochi mochi cafe
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You may be more familiar with the tsukune skewers served at yakitori and kushiyaki joints, but the Tori-Tsukune (S$12) served here is a much healthier alternative. Think tender minced chicken and tofu patties with housemade yakitori sauce.

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Personally, I’d go for the more uncommon Tori-Namban Set (S$12). Instead of the typical fried chicken, Mochi Mochi Cafe’s version consists of stir-fried chicken topped with creamy egg tartar sauce.

The cafe has also recently launched a brand new udon menu, featuring rainy day must-haves from S$10++ like Beef Udon and Spicy Pork Yasai Udon.

mochi mochi cafe
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Can’t dine in? Fret not, for takeaway and delivery orders can still be placed by calling +65 98629102.

In my opinion, there’s only one thing missing from the menu — actual mochi.

Mochi Mochi Cafe
???? 1 West Coast Dr, #01-103 NEWest, Singapore 128020
???? 11.30am–2.30pm, 5.30pm–8.30pm (Daily)

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