This nature-themed cafe in Johor Bahru is hidden in the backyard of a plant store with unique drinks like pandan gula melaka latte, espresso ginger ale & more from just under S$4

by Marcus Leong

I love going on a picnic because you get to chill under the sun and enjoy the gentle breeze at the same time. It’s perfect for reconnecting with nature. But this hidden cafe in JB takes chilling in nature to a whole new level. 

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Naug Cafe is a nature-themed cafe hidden in the backyard of a plant store. The space is decorated with lots of garden elements like pebbles, lush green plants, rattan furniture, and soft lighting to create the zen atmosphere, as though you are chilling in your own backyard. 

Photo: @naugcafe/instagram

By day, the cafe emits a warm and welcoming atmosphere that is great for those looking to chill indoors with a nice cup of coffee. In the evening, the vibes transform into a cosy backyard, perfect for unwinding after a long day with a nice cold drink.  

Photo: @naugcafe/instagram

On the menu are coffees, mocktails, waffles, cakes, and desserts. Their most popular dessert is their Gula Melaka Coconut Waffle (S$6.31, RM22) which comes with two generous scoops of coconut ice cream, dusted with coconut shavings. If you’re a lover of all things coconut, then this one will be right up your alley. 

As someone who isn’t a fan of coconut, I can see myself ordering the White Chocolate Peanut Waffle (S$6.31, RM22) instead which comes with two scoops of matcha ice cream.

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What’s also interesting here is, you can opt to have a full serving or half serving (S$4.01, RM14) of waffles. The half serving comes with one scoop of ice cream and it is great for those with a small appetite. 

Other desserts on the menu include Matcha Parfait (S$4.30, RM15), Coconut Parfait (S$4.30, RM15), and cakes on rotation. 

But where Naug Cafe really shines is in their drinks menu, which offers your regular cafe coffees, along with some unique concoctions. 

Photo: @naugcafe/instagram

Their signature drink and crowd favourite is the Espresso Ginger Ale (S$3.73, RM13). The drink comprises ice-cold ginger ale, lime slices and a shot of espresso. I will definitely be getting this when I visit. 

Photo: @naugcafe/instagram

If you’re not up for coffee, Naug Cafe also has a series of mocktails like the Mixed Berries Mocktail (S$4.88, RM17), Sunrise Orange (S$4.30, RM15), and a classic Lychee Black Tea (S$4.30, RM15). 

Photo: @naugcafe/instagram

If you’re looking for a sweet escape away from the crowds, then you should definitely check out this hidden cafe. I’m definitely headed here the next time I’m in JB, simply because I wanna try their Espresso Ginger Ale. 

Are you looking for a chill hideout spot to unwind in peace? 

Naug Cafe
📍 50A, Jalan Tan Hiok Nee, Bandar Johor Bahru, 80300 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
🕑 9am–6pm (Fri to Wed), Closed on Thu

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