This vibey dessert shop in JB serves traditional desserts like walnut paste, stewed pear with fungus, pistachio paste, taro desserts & more from just S$2.55

by Marcus Leong

Whenever I make the trip across the border to Johor Bahru, it’s always a feast for my tummy — loklok, dimsum, nasi kandar, plus all the cafe hopping. But of course, no meal is complete without dessert. 

Speaking of dessert, here’s a cosy spot in JB that all foodies, taro lovers, and pistachio lovers must add to their radar. 

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YOUYOU Cafe is located in Taman Melodies in Johor Bahru — the same hood as some of the other popular cafes like Keijomoto, Nimmies Pastry Cafe and more. YOUYOU Cafe serves a variety of hearty mains and super tasty desserts. Step inside, you’ll feel like you’re in your grandma’s house as the entire space looks like the inside of a traditional chinese home. 

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On the menu, you’ll find a mix of Japanese and Taiwanese inspired mains. But probably the biggest highlight here is their pretty extensive dessert menu. The dessert menu features traditional desserts like Red Bean Soup (S$2.55, RM8.90), Black Sesame Paste (S$2.55, RM8.90), Walnut Paste (S$2.55, RM8.90), amongst others. 

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Pistachio lovers, you’ll definitely wanna give their crowd favourite Pistachio Paste (S$4.55, RM15.90). It looks really smooth and creamy — now I’m curious to know how it tastes. 

They also have the traditional Stewed Pear with Fungus (S$2.55, RM8.90), Ginkgo Beancurd (S$2.55, RM8.90), and Bobo Cha Cha (S$2.55, RM8.90)

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If you’re looking for something to beat the heat, you can go for their Eight Treasure with Signature Sauce (S$4.55, RM15.90). It comprises ingredients like grass jelly, gingko nuts, pearls, taro balls and more. 

Another must-try is the Mango Sago (S$4.55, RM15.90), which comprises thick chunks of mango, along with a generous portion of mango cream, pomelo pumps, and sago. This is definitely an age-old classic that can do no wrong. 

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For a more unique offering, you can go for the Mango Cheong Fun (S$4.55, RM15.90) or go for a simple Mochi Waffle with ice cream (S$4.55, RM15.90)

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You can always DIY your own dessert bowl from just S$1.69 (RM5.90) with your choice of beancurd or grass jelly base. Afterwards, you can add in your own toppings like Peach Gum, Taro Balls, Pearls, Glutinous Rice Balls and more from just S$0.57 (RM2)

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Drinks-wise, you can expect to quench your thirst with some bubble tea-inspired drinks like White Peach Oolong Milk Tea with Pearl, Red Milk Tea, or even a Green Milk Tea for just S$4.55 (RM15.90) each. 

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Looks like it’s time for a trip to JB soon, and you bet I will be hitting up YOUYOU Cafe when I’m there! 

Will you be trying the taro dessert or the pistachio paste first? 

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📍 28 Jalan Beringin, Taman Melodies, Johor Bahru, Malaysia
🕑 12pm–12pm (Wed to Mon), Closed on Tue

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