New gelato cafe “No Horse Run” opening in Yishun on 24 April, opens till 2am

by Natalie Lim

No Horse Run, a new gelato cafe, has made its home at Yishun and will open on 24 April 2021.

We’ve recently produced a mega supper list for the insomniacs with late-night hunger pangs, but if a full-bodied meal seems too heavy for you, perhaps dessert will do the trick.

No Horse Run gelato cafe

No Horse Run 1
Photo: instagram/@kevin_the_hiak

Located at Yishun Street 11, this gelato cafe immediately stands out from the crowd. Its amusing name, a direct translation of the Hokkien term “bo beh zao”, means “incomparable and in a league on its own” in a horseracing context.

Singaporeans would recognize the quirky design of No Horse Run’s signboard from far away. It mimics the street signs of Singapore, with the signature green as a background colour and blue that signals the turning into an expressway. 

Locally-inspired flavours on the menu

No Horse Run 2
Photo: No Horse Run

It isn’t just any run-off-the-mill ice cream parlour, though. Interesting flavours such as Cereal Mai Pian, Lemongrass Pandan and even Green Apple Yakult, which is better known as a bubble tea flavour, can be found on the menu.

Classic flavours are priced at S$4.20 for a single scoop, while a double scoop goes for S$8.20.

No Horse Run 3
Photo: No Horse Run

You can top up an extra S$0.80 for a premium flavour at No Horse Run gelato cafe. The selection includes Fleur De Cao Dark Chocolate, Strawberry Basil, Smoked Milk with Cacao Nibs, Burnt White Chocolate and Muah Chee.
To spice things up, you can pair your gelato with a fluffy Buttermilk (S$5.50) or Pandan Gula Melaka waffle (S$6.50) or, choose to enjoy your scoop on a waffle cone for S$1.

Photo: instagram/@nohorserunsg

Each waffle comes with a complimentary sauce of your choice, with options ranging from House-made Jam, Childhood Milo, Caramalised Cookies and Maple Syrup. For an additional S$1, you can opt for an extra serving of sauce. 

It may get a lil’ chilly when you’re wolfing down the ice cream. To warm your tummies, No Horse Run has hot drinks on the menu as well. Coffee such as Flat White (S$4.50) and Cappuccino (S$4.50) are available, and a tea selection of Pandan Earl Grey (S$5) and the Peranakan-inspired Kebaya Blue (S$6) are offered as well. 

Photo: instagram/@nohorserunsg, @kevin_the_hiak

Since No Horse Run opens till 2am daily, Yishun residents will be glad to have another late-night hangout

???? 160 Yishun Street 11, #01-216, Singapore 760160
????️ 1pm–2am (Mon–Thurs), 12pm–2am (Fri–Sun)

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