Try live octopus & huge sashimi platters at Korean-owned Pohang Seafood

by Christabel Tan

Not only is Beauty World bustling with authentic Korean restaurants, but it is also home to hidden gems aplenty. If you miss the sights and sounds of Seoul’s Noryangjin Fish Market or Busan’s Jagalchi Market, let Pohang Seafood take you back. Naturally, this fresh seafood joint is popular with Koreans and comes with an ambience unlike any other.

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Scrumptious sets for group gatherings

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Don’t be put off by the prices of the Sashimi Sets. A Sliced Raw Fresh Tuna and Flat Fish Set (S$220 for 2 pax, S$290 for 3 pax, S$390 for 4 pax) may cost a pretty penny, but it comes with a wide assortment of banchan (side dishes). You’ll be greeted with abalone porridge, seafood pajeon, acorn jelly, corn cheese, sea squirt, and many more.

Every set that is S$200 and above comes with S$50 worth of octopus — a very, very good deal.

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Unique seafood dishes

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This is the perfect opportunity to go forth and explore the exotic. If you’ve always wanted to try san-nakji, or Sliced Live Small Octopus (S$50), now’s the time. As for the sashimi, skip the usual salmon and opt for the chewy Flatfish Sashimi (S$77 for small, S$130 for large) or the Fermented Skate Fish Served with Steamed Pork Slices and Kimchi (S$70).

Unlike the typical wasabi and soy sauce served alongside Japanese sashimi, Korean sashimi, or hwe, comes with seaweed, perilla leaves, and an entire array of dipping sauces including sesame oil, chojang, and doenjang-banga. Given that portions are huge, you’ll get to switch things up and try different combinations too.

pohang seafood
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Other uncommonly-found dishes include Sea Urchin Roe Bibimbap (S$25), Spicy Rockfish Stew (S$48), and mulhoe, or Spicy Cold Noodle with Raw Fish (S$30), a Pohang Seafood signature. In the evening, customers can enjoy Korean BBQ with cuts of meat from Pohang Butchery next door. Can’t visit Korea yet? Let Korea come to you.

Pohang Seafood
???? 182 Jln Jurong Kechil, The Hillford, #01-52, Singapore 596152
???? 12pm–2.30pm, 5.30pm–10.20pm (Tue to Sat), 12pm–2.30pm, 5.30pm–9.30pm (Sun), Closed on Mon

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