New pop-up container hotel with themed rooms from $239/night, includes 2 Wild Wild Wet passes

by Natalie Lim

The end of the year is creeping up faster than we expected, and if you have not had a chance to catch a break, this is it.

On 22 September 2021, there’ll be the launch of a new pop-up container hotel at Downtown East’s Begonia Open Air Carpark — a one-of-a-kind experience made up of themed container rooms.

Pop-up container hotel at Downtown East

Pop-up container hotel downtown east 1
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Titled the SG Hotel on Wheels (SHOW), the pop-up container hotel will feature 10 uniquely designed rooms. There’ll be five 20-footer rooms and five 40-footer rooms, each with the ability to hold two pax and four pax respectively. 

For a romantic getaway to the countryside, choose the 20-footer Modern Country where you’ll get to reside in a charming cottage. With wooden elements and homey decor, it’s the perfect carefree escape from reality.

Pop-up container hotel downtown east 2
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The 20-footer Minimalist Classic will be a treat for the eyes. For those who prefer a simplistic design with clean and smooth spaces, this is for you.

The two-toned room provides a cosy interior and plenty of #ootd and photo opportunities since your outfits are definitely going to be a smash against the background. 

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Or, spice up your staycation in the 40-footer Street Punk Studio. Designed for the rebels at heart, the pop-up container hotel is a fusion of street art and pop art, guaranteed to be one for the ‘gram

The 40-footer space also features amenities such as a full-sized refrigerator, a Nespresso coffee machine, a fully equipped kitchenette, and a dining area. If you’re apprehensive about dining in public, you can whip up your meals instead.

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If you’re planning to bring the kiddos along, the Safari Paradise is sure to excite them. Unleash the Tarzans in them for a day and trek into the wilderness with elephants, zebras, and giraffes on the premises.

Parents can chill on the queen-sized bed available while children can fall asleep soundly on the two-seater sofa bed. 

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To put the cherry on top, the rooms in the pop-up container hotel come fully equipped with Google Home, air conditioners, and smart television sets. This means that you’re able to watch Netflix marathons and experience what being in a smart home is like.

There are plenty of food options in the East but guests may choose to enjoy in-room dining via the Makan Guru app instead. Order food from participating F&B outlets at Downtown East and your meal will be sent to you with no delivery charges.

The 20-footer rooms are priced from S$239 to S$299 per night, while the 40-footer rooms will cost you S$359 to S$439 per night. Each booking comes with two Wild Wild Wet Day Passes, so there’s no need to rack your brains on planning activities.

The rooms are available for booking from 22 September 2021 to 20 March 2022, so keep your eyes peeled for its launch!

For more information on the pop-up container hotel, click here.

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