SG’s first Puppy Yoga studio lets you stretch alongside little furry friends

by Vera

You’ve heard of good ol’ yoga — but here’s one-upping it with Puppy Yoga Singapore, a studio that fuses your traditional fitness class with man’s best friends. As the name fetching suggests, Puppy Yoga is crawling with puppies of all breeds and sizes. But one thing’s for sure — they’re all most definitely good boys and girls.

Stretching alongside doggos


Perhaps you’re trying to stay steadfast to your new year’s resolution of sticking to an exercise routine, or maybe you’re just looking for an excellent excuse to frolic amongst dogs (do you even need one though?). Either way, find your balance here at Puppy Yoga because you’ll be spending a full solid hour giving your body the stretching it needs, all while boosting your serotonin levels with free-roaming dogs.

Choice of small dogs or big dogs

puppy yoga

The classes are split into “Small Dogs” and “Medium & Big Dogs” and each class goes at S$35. Throughout the class, you can expect to get into basic yoga poses alongside an instructor on the podium, with your furry little friends scooting about. So while you might find yourself getting distracted by overwhelming cuteness every so often, it’s all part of the experience while you’re multitasking here.

puppy yoga

Bring your dog to class

puppy yoga

Dog owners are also welcome to bring their own furkids to class, though it’s imperative to follow the guidelines below or risk being turned away from class.


Attending dogs have to be:

  • Non-aggressive and friendly
  • Vaccinated
  • Potty trained
  • Clean and healthy

For dogs attending the Small Dogs class, they should be at a maximum height of 40cm (at their shoulders) and weight of 10kg and below. While attendees of the Medium & Big Dogs class can be 10kg and above.

Book your slot for puppy yoga here.

Puppy Yoga Singapore
Facebook | Instagram | Website
???? 5A Lorong Telok​ Singapore (049018)
???? 3.30pm or 5pm (in hourly time slots)
???? S$35

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