This retro thrift store at Peace Centre has vintage digital and film cameras, Harley Davidson tees, vinyl records & more

by June Ngooi

Anyone who is a fan of thrifting or visiting retro stores that sell collector items would recognise that Peace Centre is a brimming hub for vibes like these. 

At a humble corner store where Sun Fatt’s Watch Dealer used to be, now sits Resurrack as the newest addition to the already extensive list of thrift stores at this shopping mall.

resurrack storefront
Photo: @resurrack/instagram

From its panelled glass doors to the original stencilled store name against LED signs, the storefront screams vintage and retro vibes, so Resurrack has really done a fantastic job in bringing out the indie feels of this place.

resurrack store interior
Photo: Confirm Good

Stepping inside Resurrack reminded me of scenes from a Wong Kar Wai film and the vibes were just immaculate.

resurrack shirts
Photo: Confirm Good

There were racks on racks of vintage and graphic tees, boasting a wide collection of Y2K clothes, band shirts, and even Harley Davidson tees from a price range of S$18 to S$40. I took so long going through all of the choices because there were just too many good ones!

Of course it was not limited to just t-shirts. There were also denim bottoms like miniskirts, shorts, and baggy jeans that were all below S$30

There were even sports jackets and vests that look like they came out from an Archie’s comic book. Talk about 90s nostalgia?

Photo: @resurrack/instagram

But what caught my eye was the fascinating collection of vintage digital cameras and film cameras on sale.

Photo: Confirm Good

Photography enthusiasts should keep a look out for this one because you can even try out these cameras, but do remember to bring your own SD card! 

Photo: Confirm Good

Resurrack also has classic toys for sale at one for S$12 and three for S$30, as well as indie vinyl records for collectors. 

Do take note that they are only open three days a week, so plan your trip down to avoid disappointment. 

Will you be making plans to visit Resurrack this weekend? I know I will, just to grab some of those lovable tees off the racks!

????1 Sophia Rd, #01-23 Peace Centre, Singapore 228149
???? 2pm–10pm (Fri to Sun)

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Photos by June Ngooi

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