Shiok Shiok Night Market is a BKK-themed hangout with mookata and grilled seafood

by Natalie Lim

Shiok Shiok Night Market is the latest addition to Singapore’s night scene and it opens from 4pm to 3am.

At this point, we’re dying to travel. It’s been a year of being stuck in Singapore and to make matters worse, they’re even teasing us with the mention of travel bubbles to Taiwan and Australia. 

But if there’s one thing that all Singaporeans know, it’s that Bangkok is a must-add to our annual flight itineraries. After all, the land of smiles is the one destination for cheap shopping hauls, affordable eats and wandering through endless night markets. 

And if that’s what you’re longing for, look no further. 

Shiok Shiok Night Market

shiok shiok night market 1
Photo: Shiok Shiok Night Market

Located just minutes away from Somerset MRT, this BKK-themed establishment makes a good after-work hangout. A peculiar stretch of straw parasols line up the area, and they’re decked with fairy lights and accompanied by brightly coloured chairs. 

In the day, they look like any other unassuming eatery. But as the sun sets, the place comes to life, transforming into a scene from Thailand’s famous Khaosan Road.

shiok shiok night market 2
Photo: Shiok Shiok Night Market

There are no boutiques to satisfy your hunt for affordable apparels, but enter the premises and you’ll be greeted by a whiff of freshly grilled meat from the roadside stalls — a memory familiar for frequent Bangkok travellers. 

shiok shiok night market 3
Photo: Shiok Shiok Night Market

Currently, five stalls occupy the premises. To truly transport you to +66, there’s mookata from Mookata King, an assortment of freshly grilled seafood and meat from Star Seafood and Shiok Shiok Grill, and Seoul Hungry, which presumably sells Korean fare.

Photo: Shiok Shiok Night Market

With the humidity from all the cooking, cool off with one of the special concoctions from the drinks stall. Blended with sticky rice balls and mango milkshake, the Mango Sticky Rice is a perfect dessert option.

Other interesting options include Watermelon-Cha, which is watermelon ice blended with tea and Better Than Vitagen, a drink made out of Kyoho grapes ice blended with Yakult and fruit bobas. 

Photo: Shiok Shiok Night Market

To complete your journey, you can also grab a couple of drinks. Alcoholic beverages such as Soju and Sakae are available, and you can crack a cold one with your peers. The place opens till 3am, so it makes a great place to chill after dark.

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