Escape the city life and go kayaking down the river, cuddle with farm animals, ride on horses & more at this tranquil eco resort in Johor Bahru

by Kaye Yeo

Tired of the noise of city life? Want to get closer to nature? How about a relaxing weekend in a tranquil palm tree plantation, feeding farm animals, or going on a horse ride through the forest

If this sounds like your dream, then you should make it a reality at Sinar Eco Resort across the causeway.

Sinar Eco Resort
Photo: Si‎n‎ar E‎co Res‎ort

Sinar Eco Resort has comfortable accommodations, inclusive of meals and a variety of outdoor activities that will make you forget all your worries. It is an hour’s drive away from the Johor Bahru Checkpoint, but you can also opt for a private pickup directly from your doorstep in Singapore or from malls like AEON Mall Bukit Indah and Johor Bahru City Square from S$150.

Sinar Eco Resort
Photo: Sinar Eco Resort

The resort is tucked away deep in a palm tree plantation, so you can expect to be taken on a real getaway far away from the hustle and bustle of city life. There’s quite the whole range of activities starting from S$4.32 (RM15) for the adventurous, the chill, and nature lovers.

If you are up to some thrilling activities, Sinar Eco Resort has land-based and water-based activities for an all-round experience. Feel the wind in your hair as you speed around the fields on an ATV or a buggy. You could also go on a river kayaking trip with your friends, or meander down the river with your family on a home-made eco raft.

Sinar Eco Resort
Photo: Si‎n‎ar Ec‎o R‎eso‎rt

For the chill, you can choose to take a river cruise in the morning for the flora and fauna or at night for the stars that you won’t be able to see in Singapore. Or compete to see who has the best aim in a round of archery and billiards, then wrap up the day with a hype KTV session.

Photo: Sinar Eco Resort

If you want to connect with nature and animals, Sinar Eco Resort hosts over 100 animals, including rabbits, lambs, deers and more which you can visit and feed. You can even try milking the cows for a fresh glass of milk!

But the best way to unwind is to go on a horse ride in the plantation, so you can appreciate the serenity of your surroundings while enjoying the companionship of these gentle giants.

Sinar Eco Resort
Photo: Sinar Eco Resort

Sinar Eco Resort offers a day trip package for visitors looking for a quick getaway. Prices start at S$11.51 (RM40) for adults, and S$8.63 (RM30) for children and seniors. The day trip package includes animal feeding at the farm, a tractor tour around the resort and the use of their swimming pool

However, with so many activities to try out, you may want to take up their special 2D1N package, so you’ll have ample time to relax and recharge.

Photo: Sina‎r E‎co R‎eso‎rt/facebook

The 2D1N package starts from S$71.94 (RM250) for adults and from S$63.31 (RM220) for children. The price tag also includes the same activities as in the day-trip package. What’s better is that it comes with four meals — breakfast, lunch, tea break, a BBQ dinner — at their IG-worthy Sinar Eco Cafe

Sinar Eco Resort
Photo: Sin‎ar Ec‎o Re‎s‎o‎rt

You’ll get to stay in their luxury container rooms, equipped with queen-sized beds, air conditioning, hot showers, and large viewing windows. There is no wifi available at the resort, but when you have a slew of exciting activities for you to check out, those emails can definitely wait. 

There are limited rooms available, so book early ahead when you can for your next JB trip!

Sinar Eco Resort
Facebook | Instagram | Website
📍 Lot 2346 GM 2535 Kg. Sungai Molek Mukim Jeram Batu Pekan Nanas, 81500 Pontian, Johor, Malaysia
🕒 9am–6pm (Daily)

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