Immerse yourself in a real-life fairytale at this multi-sensorial forest in Langkawi with stunning light projections, 360-degree animations, interactive fireflies & more

by Kaye Yeo

It seems like immersive experiences are all the rage now — there’s the Immersive Disney Animation at Sands Theatre, an upcoming Harry Potter Forbidden Forest Experience, and now, an enchanting Dream Forest walk in Langkawi!

Dream Forest Langkawi
Photo: Dream Forest Langkawi

Langkawi may be known as a beach paradise, but they have an amazing forest that’s definitely worth exploring as well. Dream Forest Langkawi opened in May 2023 as Malaysia’s first multi-sensorial and immersive night walk in a rainforest.

Phew, that was a mouthful. 

Dream Forest Langkawi
Photo: Mahdi Talib/google images

In simpler terms, you’ll be transported into the world of Langkawi’s myths and legends and join the mythical beings on their journey. And I mean you’ll literally step into the story with ethereal mist curling around you as the Portal of Dreams opens to welcome you.

Dream Forest Langkawi
Photo: David Laffan/google images

Follow the story of two star-crossed lovers in the Legend of Tasik Dayang Bunting. There’ll be swaying Lalang lights and the scent of Bakawali flowers as you follow in the footsteps of a human prince, Mat Teja, down the wooden walkway framed by giant trees.

Photo: Dre‎am Fo‎rest Lang‎kawi

Dive into a deep cave with Mat Teja as he seeks the help of a wise hermit, and get swept away by the waves in an immersive 360-degree animation with the prince as he goes on an underwater journey to obtain a mystical essence.

The conclusion of a touching story will play out before you with the help of magical projection lights and mists, but the end of a story signifies the beginning of another — the genesis of life. 

Photo: Dream For‎est Lan‎g‎kaw‎i

You’ll be in for a Dolby surround sound-esque audiovisual experience amplified by seamless projections and dancing lights as a huge animatronic of the guardian of Langkawi, Sang Gedembai, imbues life into the land with a wave of her hand.

Dream Forest Langkawi
Photo: Dr‎eam For‎est Lan‎gka‎wi

Feeling a little tired after your journey through the woods, caves and ocean? Recharge at The Tree Village and fire up some smores with your family and friends while you sip on some refreshing butterfly pea teas. You’ll definitely need the energy for the interactive zones ahead!

Dream Forest Langkawi
Photo: Dre‎am Fore‎st La‎ngka‎w‎i

Channel your inner warrior and strike fear in the heart of the fiery Garuda bird as you battle alongside the legendary king Merong Mahawangsa in an interactive laser archery showdown! 

There’ll also be a traditional Wayang Kulit (shadow puppet) theatre show retelling the intense battles and struggles Merong Mahawangsa has gone through in order to establish his kingdom.

Photo: Dream Forest Langkawi

Don’t miss out the interactive fireflies experience where you can light up the night with your vocals and another impressive 360-degree immersive animation where you’ll be awed by forces of the colossal giants in an earth-shattering battle.

Photo: Drea‎m Fo‎r‎est L‎angka‎wi

If you’re seeking to escape reality through books, how about going on a real escape into the fantastical world of Dream Forest Langkawi on your next trip to Malaysia? Grab your tickets starting from S$13.77 (RM48) here.

Dream Forest Langkawi
Facebook | Instagram | Website
📍 Lubuk Semilang, Mukim, Jalan Padang Gaong, 07000 Langkawi, Kedah, Malaysia
🕒 7pm–12am (Thu to Tue), Closed on Wed

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