This popular orh luak stall in Johor Bahru sells oyster omelette topped with a massive portion of juicy oysters

by Kaye Yeo

Gather round, orh luak (fried oyster omelette) lovers! If you’re willing to travel for some good food, then you definitely should get a taste of what many deem to be Johor Bahru’s best fried oyster omelette. JB Fried Oyster offers one of the most generous and flavourful oyster omelettes in JB. It may look humble on the outside as just a simple pushcart — but their fried oyster omelette is nothing but. 

Photo: JB Fried Oyster/google images

Many locals know of it as the classic, time-honoured pushcart stall that has been in the neighbourhood for over 40 years. They’re located in a narrow food alley with other pushcart stalls at Meldrum Walk, barely a 10-minute drive from the Johor Bahru Checkpoint and only a 6-minute walk from Johor Bahru City Square mall.

JB Fried Oyster has earned a stellar reputation for their generous portions of oysters and omelettes that have more egg than tapioca starch in them.

JB Fried Oyster
Photo: 新山蚝煎 JB Fried Oyster/facebook

Since there’s not much tapioca starch in the omelette, it won’t be the crispiest fried oyster omelette you’ve ever tried. But in this case, you can be sure that the wok hei (smoky aroma) will come through and create a perfect pairing with the succulent oysters.

If you order a plate of spicy omelette, you can get to try their secret recipe chilli sauce which is highly recommended. The chilli is served at the side so you can dip or pour it to your liking.

JB Fried Oyster
Photo: @oh_yeeda/instagram

One regular (medium) plate of fried oyster omelette is only S$3.74 (RM13), while a large plate is S$4.60 (RM16). You can even opt to add extra oysters starting from S$0.86 (RM3). There are customers that even go for extra oysters at S$5.47 (RM19) and more — there’s really no limit to how much you can add.

Don’t be surprised if you get smaller oysters than those of photos you see online. The owner has emphasised many times, both in person and via social media, that the size of oysters change according to seasons.

Photo: Yoke-Yeow Yap/google images

JB Fried Oyster is so popular that you will have to pre-order via WhatsApp. Walk-ins are accepted, but it’s a risky gamble given how quickly they sell out just through online orders each day. It’s also recommended that you take away the fried oyster omelettes as there is limited seating in the food alley.

JB Fried Oyster
Photo: @oh_yeeda/instagram

Just text the WhatsApp number with your collection date, time, quantity of plates and whether you want them spicy or not. And always check their Facebook posts before you order for the latest updates on whether the pre-order slots for certain days are already full!

JB Fried Oyster
Screencap of JB Fried Oyster Facebook

Planning for your next JB trip? Be sure to squeeze in some time to try out this wildly popular fried oyster omelette!

JB Fried Oyster 新山蚝煎
Facebook | Instagram 
???? Stall 37, Medan Selera Meldrum Walk, Bandar Johor Bahru, 80000 Johor Bahru, Johor, Malaysia
???? 12.30pm–6pm (Tue), 12.30pm–6.30pm (Wed, Fri, Sat), Closed on Sun, Mon & Thu

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