Singapore’s First Ever Winter Shooting Arena At Snow City!

by Kaylyn Toh

Aside from the the usual snowball fights, making of snow angels or a fun slide down a snowy slope, you can now add on 1 Round of Target Shooting or Close Quarters Battle in Snow City Singapore – the 2 new activities that are currently offered!

Introducing Singapore’s first ever Winter Shooting Arena which has been certified as Singapore’s coldest shooting arena by the Singapore Book Of Records, Snow City brings you a brand new fun and exhilarating experience for all guests aged 14 and above!

Enjoy this first of its kind activity with a peace of mind knowing that there is a dedicated team of professionals from United Shooters with more than 20 years of shooting and coaching experience guiding you throughout.

Target Shooting

Test how good of a sharpshooter you are in the Target Shooting Activity by shooting down 12 targets, and compete with your family or friends to see who is a better Marksmen! *Marksmen, time to flaunt your skills and relive your NS days’ glory!*

Close Quarter Battle

If you have ever tried Paintball or Laser Tag, and loved the exhilaration of the game, this is something you have got to try!

Snow City’s Close Quarter Battle, is a cooler (pun intended) version of the sport, where you are decked in winter wear and combat gear, battling both the insane sub-zero temperature and your opponent team!

Form teams of four and challenge others by occupying and shooting the opponent’s team markers while defending your own!

Price List

Prices starts from $19 only, with an additional friendly rate of $4 for each extra round – here is the price breakdown:

We might not be able to go on a winter vacation anytime soon but these activities sure comes close to it!

There’s nothing more thrilling than a heart-pumping sweat-out in sub-zero temperatures, so grab your buddies and form your teams for a snow combat battle at Snow City now!

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