Singapore’s only Vietnamese dessert shop is hidden in Kallang Food Centre with panna cotta jelly in jasmine syrup, pomelo rind desserts & more

by Kaye Yeo

Singapore’s first Vietnamese dessert spot, Cong Ngot, closed down in 2023 without seeing any competitors stepping in to fill the void…until now. So Sweet of You in Kallang has risen to the occasion with their unique and delectable Vietnamese-style desserts.

This small dessert stall quietly opened in Kallang Food Centre with a diverse selection of Vietnamese and Taiwanese desserts. You have the familiar Taiwanese snowy ice desserts in classic flavours like Taro (S$5.90), Durian (S$8.90), Matcha (S$5.90) and more.

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Of course, the highlight of the menu are its Vietnamese desserts which you can hardly find anywhere else. The first dessert, Pana Cota (S$4.50) is a dish that may have caught your eye for its similar-sounding name to the Italian pudding panna cotta.

Known as che khuc bach in Vietnamese, or almond panna cotta jelly, this dish is made up of smooth and creamy cubes of almond-flavoured panna cotta jellies, fresh lychee, and drizzled in jasmine syrup. Sugar and jasmine flowers are simmered together to create the syrup.

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Topped off with sliced almonds, the delightful dessert boasts mild almond flavours with hints of vanilla and floral notes from the jasmine syrup.

For durian lovers, check out the MSW Durian (S$6.90) which is a spin on the original Pana Cota and coconut desserts. You can get the best of both worlds with creamy panna cotta cubes, jackfruit, longans and generous amounts of creamy durian in coconut milk.

So Sweet of You
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The Young Coconut (S$3.90) and Young Rice with Yam (S$3.90) are refreshing desserts with coconut milk, coconut flesh, and sticky rice in the latter. The Young Coconut will leave you wanting more with its fragrant milk base with chunks of sweet, silky coconut flesh and tapioca strip jellies.

So Sweet of You
Photo: Huiwen (FoodieKom)/google images

So Sweet of You also offers one of Vietnam’s most well-known desserts — che ba mau, or Three-color Dessert (S$2.90), beautifully presented with vibrant layers of red beans, mung beans, pandan jelly, coconut cream, and topped off with crushed ice. They even have che buoi, or Pomelo Rind (S$3.50), made from pomelo flesh, pomelo rind, coconut milk and mung beans.

So Sweet of You
Photo: So Sweet of You

Bring all the boys to the yard with their Vietnamese milkshakes (sinh to), which are made with fruits and condensed milk. You can choose from flavours like avocado (S$4.90), banana (S$3.90), jackfruit (S$4.50) and more.

It’ll be really sweet of you to check out their desserts the next time you’re in Kallang!

So Sweet of You
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???? 5 Kallang Place, Kallang Food Centre, Singapore 339152
???? 11.30am–9pm (Tue, Wed & Fri), 11.30am–9.30pm (Thu), 3pm–9.30pm (Sat to Sun), Closed on Mon

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