The [Not-So] Convenience Store serves happy customers inconvenience

by Vivian Ng

Convenience stores are valuable because of its efficiency and we can find what we want in the shortest amount of time. Shockingly, this convenience store prides itself on serving up inconvenience, yet its customers are willing to travel from afar to visit The [Not-So] Convenience Store.

Photo: @thenotsoconveniencestore/Instagram

This quirky convenience store is bound to raise a couple questions. What do they mean by “The [Not-So] Convenience Store”?

Photo: @thenotsoconveniencestore/Instagram

Situated in a visible corner at level 1 of the National Design Centre, this vibrant pop-up is hard to miss. Visitors who intend to walk into the store to get snacks would swiftly be greeted with a friendly surprise.

Photo: @thenotsoconveniencestore/Instagram

Little would you expect that this is a temporary pop-up exhibit. The [Not-So] Convenience Store simulates the layout of convenience stores but with a twist. This fun-looking pop-up seeks to promote sustainability, and encourage environmentally-friendly habits.

Every item in this pop-up store comes with a price tag and cleverly-disguised labels with descriptions. These description labels briefly state its product description and a short paragraph that indicates “the price of convenience”, tying into the overall significance of the exhibition.

The price of convenience

Photo: @stephldickson/Instagram

The price of convenience is a recurring concept throughout the pop-up store. It highlights how a moment of convenience may contribute to long-term environmental damage. These constant reminders hence refer to “serving up inconvenience” for the visitors.

These products on display suggest alternatives to the objects that we use daily. You might find familiar items that you already use at home, as well as discovering items you’ve never seen before. You may also find some new facts and handy tips, so get your notepads ready for notes taking.

The very convenient photo ops

Photo: @stephldickson/Instagram (left), @thecharlottemei/Instagram (right)

Despite its serious message, this peculiar pop-up isn’t boring. The [Not-So] Convenience Store also offers plenty of photo opportunities.

This indoor exhibit has great lighting all around, making it a great place for you to take your photos. Lean against the cashier or pose in front of the shelves — creativity is all you need here when it comes to snapping an amazing photo for your Instagram feed.

The recycling freezer chests

Photo: @thecharlottemei/Instagram

If you have any small e-waste items lying around at home, The [Not-So] Convenience Store has these cute recycling freezer chests where you can drop them off. Clean, reusable bags are also welcomed as they will be distributed to retailers for waste reduction.

This exhibition is completely free to visit. If you’re fascinated by this unorthodox pop-up, do make your way down before it’s gone forever.

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The [Not-So] Convenience Store
???? National Design Centre, 111 Middle Rd, Level 1, Singapore 188969
???? 25 Jan — 30 Mar

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