There Was No Coffee is a futuristic coffee concept from China with unique mint latte & fruity flavours like durian & watermelon

by Christabel Tan

In Singapore, we have access to an ever-growing number of speciality coffee joints, both homegrown and international, at our doorstep. Coffee chains from all over the world are setting up shop on our shores — an exciting time for coffee lovers and connoisseurs alike.

Looking for a cool new spot to check out? There Was No Coffee, a coffee concept from Shenzhen, China, has opened its first-ever Singapore outlet in Somerset, with an exciting array of lattes in fun flavours that will have you doing a double take.

there was no coffee
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You won’t miss the strikingly designed cafe, located in orchardgateway, right smack in between 313@Somerset and Orchard Central.

In line with the brand’s young and trendy vibe, the futuristic space-themed interior is decked out in grey, blue, and silver hues. Though not the most spacious, the strategically positioned metal tables, coloured acrylic chairs, and decorative figurines (can you spot KAWS?) makes for an IG-worthy space that would appeal most to the Gen Z crowd.

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Place your orders through the sleek metallic shopfront window and strike a pose or two for TikTok while you wait.

there was no coffee
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In an aim to “redefine Chinese coffee”, There Was No Coffee has made a name for itself by specialising in 鲜果咖啡, directly translated as “fresh fruits coffee“. The blend of Yunnan and Ethiopian beans used yields a strong, fragrant, and not-too-bitter coffee with a fruity sweetness.

Although I’d be more than happy with the regular “Espresso” selection, which includes beverages like Cafe Americano (from S$5), Latte (from S$6), and Oatmeal Dirty (S$6.50), the “Original” line-up is where things get interesting…

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This is where the “fresh fruits coffee” comes into play — each iced latte is served with real fruit pulp.

Take your pick from the selection of fruity lattes like the Banana Latte (S$5.80), Coconut Latte (S$6.50), and the slightly more unique Watermelon Latte (S$5.50), a refreshing and surprisingly palatable concoction that would sit well with some (some of my colleagues loved it, but I wasn’t a huge fan).

there was no coffee
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Given that durian and coffee is actually a thing (instant Durian White Coffee products can be purchased in Malaysia), the Durian Latte (S$7.80) may not be so unique after all. Sure, the texture of durian flesh may be off-putting for some, but if you like durian desserts, why not give it a try?

Unfortunately, the Grape Latte (S$5.50) was the most incohesive-tasting of the lot — it tasted like grape jelly and coffee. That’s it.

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As someone who absolutely adores the pairing of mint and chocolate, the Mint Latte (S$5.80) immediately became my drink of choice. It was invigorating and well-balanced, minus the cloying sweetness typical of peppermint (hot) chocolate.

I also liked that each latte was thoughtfully fitted with a paper lid to prevent spillage.

there was no coffee
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Don’t forget to grab some sugar-free candy on your way out — ideal for a caffeine-infused midday pick-me-up.

Will this become the coolest coffee spot in town? Let’s find out.

There Was No Coffee 本来不该有
???? 277 Orchard Rd, orchardgateway, #01-08, Singapore 238858
???? 9.30am–10pm (Daily)

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