4-player Minecraft Dungeons Arcade game coming to Timezone Vivocity on June 25

by Natalie Lim

Sure, 4K and Intel HD graphics are aspects of what makes a game beautiful. But true gamers will know that all the good titles started from pixel graphics — colourful boxes that move in unison to bring the story alive.

And there’s no better example of this than Minecraft, the sandbox video game that features 3D pixel art. Loved by players worldwide, the Minecraft Dungeons Arcade game will be coming to Timezone Vivocity on 25 June, allowing gamers to unite.

New 4-player arcade machines

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Starting on 25 June, the exclusive Minecraft Dungeons Arcade machines will be located at Timezone Vivocity. The dungeon crawler is a fun video game where players can craft tools and items, build structures and earthworks, or fight computer-controlled “mobs”. 

However, it’s the online gameplay that draws players in. These machines enable four players to play at any one time, so that you can loot-hunt, slay zombies, and embark on an adventure with fellow players and friends.

 Nine different blocky universes are available, so there’s plenty of room to explore.

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Since Minecraft Dungeons Arcade is on Timezone’s public machines, the item collection system will be built differently. Instead of picking up items in-game, its mechanics uses a collectible card system similar to Animal Kaiser or MushiKing. 

For the collectors, the machine will dispense one of 60 different collectible cards after each session is completed. These cards are divided into five different classes — Melee, Range, Armour, Pet and Skin.

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Photo: Minecraft Fandom

Even if you’re missing an important card from your deck, the game enables you to share your card with friends. With a little help, you might just be able to get that Nightmare’s Bite or Polar Bear sidekick.

All you have to do is scan the cards before the start of your journey, and you’ll be able to redeem the items and bonuses. There’s no need to slouch and be glued to your PC/mobile anymore when we can battle it out in the arcades!

Timezone Singapore Minecraft Dungeons Arcade giveaway

Photo: @timezonesingapore/instagram

To start you off on your Minecraft Dungeons Arcade quest, Timezone will be holding a giveaway on their launch date on 25 June. Join their challenge and stand a chance to win a S$30 Powercard and five Minecraft cards

Here are the steps to join the contest:
1. Follow @timezonesingapore
2. On this Instagram post, match the characters to the dotted lines
3. Share it on your Instagram Story and tag @timezonesingapore with the hashtag #MinecraftArcadeChallengeSG
4. Extra Bonus: Tag your friends that you will bring along for the dungeon experiences (Tag 3 friends for extra bonus)
5. Send them a screenshot of your story via DMs if your account is private.

The contest ends on 28 June, so good luck and happy adventuring!

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