I went for my first-ever scalp treatment and it helped me restore my scalp to a healthier state from just S$40

by Marcus Leong

As a guy, I don’t particularly pay much attention to my hair, besides styling it — I’m sure many other guys out there can relate. But lately, all my female colleagues have been raving about this hair treatment and it got me thinking — is it really that worth it going for a hair treatment? Since I’ve never been for one before, I decided to treat my scalp to some pampering. Here’s how my me-day hair and scalp treatment session at TK TrichoKare went.

 I visited TK TrichoKare’s outlet in Ngee Ann City and was greeted by their warm and friendly staff who took no time at all to get me settled in. Since this was my first ever hair and scalp treatment, I did not know what to expect. But I was eager (and nervous) to know what the condition of my hair and scalp was like.  

The first step of the treatment was to do an in-depth hair and scalp analysis. Part of the analysis included a detailed questionnaire which covered areas from stress levels to diet, how often I shampoo my hair and even what type of shampoo I use — I didn’t know these were all factors that could affect my hair and scalp.

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Once completed, the TrichoKare consultant did a scan of my scalp using the Tricho-scan. This was my first time seeing my scalp up close and boy was I worried about what this scan was gonna pull up.

The Tricho-scan uses a lens that magnifies the scalp by up to 200 times, so you can really see every little thing. The good news is, my scalp wasn’t as nasty as I thought. Unfortunately, I was also told that I had a clogged scalp with some inflammation at certain portions areas, as well as every guy’s nightmare, hair thinning problems (sobs). 

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After the scan, the consultant drafted up a detailed treatment plan to help me restore my scalp to a healthier state. This included a customised premium European Herbal Scalp Masque, formulated with white clay, lactic acid, and Vitamin E, which helps to rebalance and relax stressed scalp.

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The masque also has softening and grease regulating properties, infused with fragrant orange and mint essential oils. The essential oils really helped me to relax with the mint adding a cooling sensation to the scalp.

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The masque also helps to vitalize and promote anti-aging properties in your hair — maybe this can help me combat my hair thinning problems. It takes less than 20 minutes for your scalp to soak in all the vitamins from the masque and once that is done, it’s time to give your hair a nice rinse with the TrichoKare Revitalising Hair Bath.

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The next part of my treatment plan is to undergo the OxyJet treatment. The OxyJet provides pure oxygen to regenerate the scalp and infuses active products into the skin’s dermis layer. As daunting as this sounds, you actually don’t feel anything. Instead, think of this like using a vacuum to blow cold air against your scalp.

I must say, the OxyJet is highly recommended for those with ageing and sensitive scalp or if you experience premature and thinning hair problems (like me!). The entire process took about five minutes and was entirely painless. But don’t worry, your TrichoKare specialist will advise you along the way if you’re not sure of anything.

Used with the Oxyjet is a customised MaxiKare Ampoule which helps to increase hair growth and thickness — feel free to slather more of it on to my scalp please. The ampoule also helps to reduce inflammation and damage caused by environmental conditions like humidity, smoke, and pollution. And yes guys, these environmental conditions can really affect your hair and scalp too.

Step four of the treatment was the Photodynamic Therapy. This step gave me a good laugh because I got to don this cool futuristic-ish helmet with red laser lights. It uses laser light infrared technology to strengthen your hair, stimulate hair growth, and re-energise hair follicles. If you’re like me and struggle with some scalp inflammation or redness on your scalp, this photodynamic therapy can help to accelerate the scalp’s healing process.

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This step took around 15 minutes, so make sure to get comfy and enjoy their calming and detoxing Rose tea.

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The last step was to do a post-treatment scalp scan so that you can see the results. Even before doing the scan, I could already feel that my hair was so much lighter and smoother, while my scalp was much cleaner. The magnified scans also clearly showed that my scalp was thoroughly cleansed and rejuvenated after the entire treatment — truly happy to see a clean unclogged scalp with no inflammation.

The TrichoKare specialist also advised me to continue with regular treatment as well as to consider switching up my shampoo for long-term maintenance and optimal scalp health — especially if I hope to have a head full of healthier hair for a long long time. I was pleasantly surprised that just after one treatment, I was already able to see (and feel) visible results in my scalp and hair. I also really enjoyed the fresh and clean feeling in my hair.

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The best part of this entire treatment (apart from clean scalp and smooth, healthy hair) is that the entire Scalp Purifying Therapy treatment was just S$40 nett (Total value S$770)! Thanks to the current promotion that TK TrichoKare is giving out exclusively until 30 November 2023. Apart from copping this awesome deal, I also scored some freebies to bring home for longer term maintenance – including a free bottle of Nourishing Hair Bath and CompleteKare Mask, which I will definitely be using religiously now. 

Now I get why ladies always rave about going for hair and scalp treatment. This Scalp Purifying Therapy treatment from TrichoKare is not just limited to guys, as ladies too can get their luscious locks treated here too! If you’re in need of some hair-saving, head down to TK TrichoKare for a little self-love treat! Make your appointment here or WhatsApp this exclusive promo code <CGXTK> to 91508891. This limited-time deal is valid till 30 Nov and is exclusive to Confirm Good followers, so make sure to share this with your friends and family. 

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This post is brought to you by TK TrichoKare.

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