VR World has virtual escape rooms that transport you to the future & other realms

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As we move into the metaverse, our world is ever-morphing into the virtual space. You’ve heard of physical escape rooms such as Xcape Singapore, which will have you fleeing from the clutches of Annabelle and zombies on the Train to Busan. But if you struggle to suspend your belief, perhaps the help of virtual reality will do the trick.

As Singapore’s first virtual reality escape room concept, VR World at Chinatown lets you experience excitement (or horror, depending on how you see it) in a new form. Simply strap on your Oculus device, get your controls sorted, and brace yourself for a whirlwind of a time.

VR escape games

vr world
Photo: VR World

What sets VR World apart from other virtual reality arenas is that there’s actually an element of adventure and cooperation when you opt for their escape games. Choose from a selection of Ubisoft-created games that can accommodate two to four players and will put you on a time pinch for that element of urgency.

Photo: Ubisoft

Escape The Lost Pyramid will have you suspended and swinging across bars (so acrophobes beware!) or fast forward to the year 3007 in Huxley: Save The Future which presents a sci-fi-esque crisis that only you and your friends can resolve.

VR laser tag

vr world
Photo: tower.tag.com

If competition (over cooperation) is your style, then perhaps a game of virtual laser tag will be up your alley instead — especially since there’s almost no risk of getting injured in the crossfire. The laser quest game can host up to eight players in two teams, making it a great bonding activity for company game night.

VR arcade games

vr world
Photo: VR World

Take off all the pressure and just shoot at stuff in VR World’s collection of arcade games instead. Private Property lets you embrace your inner cowboy on the fields of rural Montana, defending your towns, farms, and railroads from hordes of zombies. There’s also the family-friendly Trails of Gold that’s reminiscent of a good ol’ pirate quest for the buried treasure.

For those who might be prone to motion sickness, perhaps it might be a safer choice to opt for slower-paced games that you can take at your own time. Also, here’s a tiny pro-tip for you: gently ease yourself into and out of the headset when equipping, and lower your headset brightness if it’s too glaring.

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