Wang Bao Bao is a hawker stall selling bak kwa burgers & other interesting buns from S$3.50

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As someone who’s been in the food industry for over two years, I can tell you that it doesn’t take much to see it all. Food trends come and go, and Singapore’s small enough to have hyped up and gotten over just about almost everything. So it’s truly refreshing to witness bouts of innovation especially in the hawker scene, as the next generation of hawkers move above and beyond fried rice and mala xiang guo.

With Wang Bao Bao at Bedok North entering the scene, its quirky menu puts a spin on the classic burgers that are frankly simply quite overdone at this point. Here, you’ll find bak kwa from 1913 Gu Lang Yu in almost every burger on their menu.

Burgers & Buns

Of course, it starts with the Traditional Bak Kwa Bun (S$3.50 a la carte, S$4.50 in a set) that features an egg battered bun with honey bak kwa, pork floss, cucumber, and house made dressing.

Shabu Bun (S$5 a la carte, S$6 in a set)

Photo: Wang Bao Bao

Toasted bun with shredded cucumber, pork shabu shabu, honey bacon bak kwa, scrambled egg and cheese, and house made dressing.

Saranghae (S$6 a la carte, S$7 in a set)

Photo: Wang Bao Bao

As telling as its name is, the Saranghae boasts pork shabu, honey bacon bak kwa, kimchi, lettuce, gochujang, and onsen egg.

Sawadee (S$6 a la carte, S$7 in a set)

Photo: @wangbaobaosg/facebook

Crispy fried chicken, honey bacon bak kwa, coleslaw, onsen egg with sriracha aioli.

Signature 3P Burger (S$10 a la carte, S$11 in a set)

Photo: @wangbaobaosg/facebook

Spanish pork belly char siew, honey bacon bak kwa, pickled carrot & cucumber, pork floss, and onsen egg.

Crispy Beancurd (S$6 a la carte, S$7 in a set)

Photo: Wang Bao Bao

The Crispy Beancurd offers a meat-free option with battered beancurd with crispy shimeji, pineapple, tomato, lettuce, and tangy mayo.

There’s also the interesting Rum & Lee (S$6 a la carte, S$7 in a set) which presents the controversial combination of run and pineapple paired with honey bacon bak kwa, as well as more classic flavours like Ham & Cheese (S$5 a la carte, S$6 in a set) and Shrimp (S$6 a la carte, S$7 in a set).


Dirty Fries (S$5)

Photo: Wang Bao Bao

Topped with pork floss, honey bak kwa bits, and cheese.

Naughty Fries (S$5)

Photo: Wang Bao Bao

Topped with crispy onion, parmesan cheese, and honey bacon bits.

Other sides offerings include Pork Luncheon Fries (S$4), Mini Cheese Sausage with Pineapple (S$3), Chicken Wings (S$3 for 2 pieces).

Full Menu

Photo: @wangbaobaosg/facebook
Photo: @wangbaobaosg/facebook

Wang Bao Bao
Facebook | Instagram
???? Blk 122 Bedok North Street 2, #01-140, Singapore 460122
???? 10am-9pm (Daily)

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