Yanxi Dim Sum & Hotpot has all-day IG-worthy dim sum & hot pot by ex hotel chefs

by Evan Mua
yanxi dim sum & hotspot

Are the typical siew mai and char siew baos getting a bit boring for you and you’re hankering for some gorgeous IG-worthy dim sum that will satisfy both your tummy and your eyes? You’d need to take a look at the new Yanxi Dim Sum & Hotpot that features intricate pieces of dim sum made by ex-hotel chefs.

For those wondering if there’s any affiliation with Yanxi Palace Steamboat, known for its extravagant palace-like presentation — this is their newly rebranded concept featuring the former head chef of Mott 32 at MBS and the former dim sum chef of Fullerton Hotel.

yanxi dim sum & hotspot
Photo: Yanxi Dim Sum & Hotpot

This new rebranding obviously shows a stronger focus on dim sum besides the regular hotpot at Yanxi and it shows in the eye-catching array of dim sum they have on show.

Get one of the Sampling Platter (S$12) that gives you the option to pick and choose 3 dim sum if you can’t make up your mind and commit yet.

yanxi dim sum & hotspot
Photo: @leslie.koh/instagram

There are some creative choices such as the Quail Egg & Bonito Flakes Siew Mai (S$12/3pcs), Matcha Polo Bun With Fresh Milk And Cream (S$12/3pcs) and Kobe Wagyu Beef & Wasabi Spring Roll (S$10/3pcs) if you’re up for something you can’t really find anywhere else.

Well except the former item of siew mai which is influenced by the chef’s time at Mott32 — a tantalising piece of dim sum that can be cut open to expose some molten quail egg porn.

If there’s one popular signature dish you should get at Yanxi Dim Sum & Hotpot, it’s their Artisanal Truffle Mushroom Fortune Bag (S$18/four) that is exquisitely adorned with a crown of aromatic truffle.

Photo: @leslie.koh/instagram

The 3.6 Hokkaido Milk Charcoal Egg Tart (S$16/6pcs) is also a good choice for those who have a sweet tooth, featuring a creamy rich centre that will satisfy any dessert lover.

We all know dim sum probably isn’t enough for a filling meal, so you can add on some cool spins on Chinese classics including the smoky General Tso’s Chicken (SS$16) and Hong Kong Golden Garlic Pork Short Ribs (S$12).

yanxi dim sum & hotspot
Photo: @jtkmphography/instagram

While the dim sum is the biggest eye candy, Yanxi Dim Sum & Hotpot has another speciality up their sleeves — everyone’s favourite hotpot. You’d find broths like classic Tomato (S$18/S$9/S$7.50) and Mala (S$18/S$9/S$7.50) while more luxurious and unique choices like Buddha Jump Over Wall (S$28/S$14/S$10.50) and Imperial Elixir Youth Soup (S$30/S$15/S$11.50) are also available.

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