Yu Ni Xiang Yu in Changi Airport sells halal Chongqing grilled fish in both single & sharing portions from just S$10.90

by Christabel Tan

It’s really not easy to find halal Chongqing grilled fish in Singapore (last we checked, you can find it at Monster Chili Grilled Fish outlets).

But here’s a piece of good news, easties (and travellers) — tucked away in Kopitiam at Changi Airport Terminal 3 is the halal-certified Yu Ni Xiang Yu, where you can get your fix of the hearty, spicy, and indulgent Chinese dish!

halal chongqing grilled fish
Photo: @kopitiam.sg/instagram

According to a post by Kopitiam, the owner has experience grilling fish in Chongqing, and has spent years perfecting the recipe, which involves a soup base made using 30 different types of spices and vegetables.

Photo: @kopitiam.sg/instagram

Even though grilled fish is typically enjoyed in a group setting (it’s kinda like eating hotpot), solo diners can sit down to single portions of boneless fish in flavours like Hot & Spicy, Sichuan Pepper, Lemon, Sour Veg, Garlic, and a Special Sauce, all of which are priced at S$10.90, inclusive of rice.

If you, like me, would pick whole fish over the boneless version any day, stick to options like the Hot & Spicy Qing Jiang Fish (S$11.90).

halal chongqing grilled fish
Photo: @kopitiam.sg/instagram

But if you are dining in a larger group, prices start from S$18.90 for big sharing portions, such as the Special Sauce Flavour Qing Jiang Fish (S$19.90) and Garlic Flavour Boneless Fish (S$18.90).

Photo: @kopitiam.sg/instagram

Not in the mood to get fishy? You can find La Mian topped with the likes of Beef (S$8.50), Fried Fish (S$8.50), and Chicken Luncheon Meat (S$8.50), as well as a spicy Vegetable Soup (S$8.90) chock full of cabbage, black fungus, tau kwa, beansprouts, vermicelli, and enoki mushrooms.

The next time you find yourself looking for a satisfying post-flight meal, why not give this halal Chongqing grilled fish a try?

Yu Ni Xiang Yu
???? 65 Airport Boulevard, Terminal 3 Changi Airport, B2-03, Singapore 819663⁣
???? 9.30am—10.30pm (Daily)

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