63 Laksa sells nostalgic Sungei Road-styled laksa at only S$2.50 a bowl for a hearty and affordable meal


It’s easy to agree with Gordan Ramsay when he said that simplifying menus and not overcomplicating ingredient lists make for quality food. You can probably also agree that S$2.50 is pretty cheap for a meal (especially with the crazy inflation recently)— and that’s exactly what you can find at 63 Laksa located in Ghim Moh Market and Food Centre

63 laksa ghim moh food centre
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Run by a retired sales manager using his grandfather’s recipe (who also ran a laksa stall back in the day), 63 Laksa specialises in Sungei Road-styled laksa. The magic of Sungei Road-styled laksa is that it’s served in a bowl with simple ingredients like bite-sized thick beehoon, fishcake, beansprouts, cockles and sambal and you eat it with just a spoon. It’s a very easy meal and can satisfy your cravings without being over the top. 

63 laksa otah
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The broth is also on the lighter side, which makes it very palatable and won’t cause the dreaded food coma that comes after with many heavy meals.

TLDR, Sungei Road-styled laksa is basically a nice bowl of no-frills laksa and 63 Laksa is a stall that aims to serve a simple and good meal without any of the other fancy stuff. The only other food item on the menu is the S$1.30 otah that you can order to go along with your laksa. If you’re looking for something old school and hearty, then you’ll probably like this stall.

Here’s a quirky little fact about the stall for you: if you understand a little bit of Hokkien, try reading 63 out loud and you’ll know how the stall got its name. If you don’t, try asking some of your friends and see what they say. 

63 laksa ghim moh food centre
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Other than the affordable prices and solid bowls of laksa, more kudos has to go to the stall owner for his kindness in running the stall as well. One of the main reasons that the hawker keeps his laksa so simple and prices so low is because he wants to cater to the elderly and low-income families living around the area. The thoughtful stall owner has also made the spice level of his laksa adjustable (you can add extra sambal if you prefer more of a spicy kick) so that children can enjoy this local delicacy too. 

With such a wholesome story behind 63 Laksa, I can really see why the stall has such a loyal following. Try it out if you’d like something that doesn’t only fill your stomach, but also your heart. 

63 Laksa
???? 20 Ghim Moh Rd, #01-20, Singapore 270020
???? 8am–2pm (Tues to Sun, closed on Mon)

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