14 best perfumes to put on according to popular aesthetics like cottagecore, clean girl, dark academia & more

by June Ngooi

You may have come across various unique aesthetics on TikTok and Instagram such as cottagecore and dark academia. Boasting different colour palettes and styles, each aesthetic has its own charisma that brings a unique charm to the table.

But have you ever wondered what your favourite aesthetic would smell like in the form of a fragrance? Here are 7 popular types of aesthetics and the fragrances we associate with them — all of which can be purchased online or in stores. 

1. Cottagecore 

cottage core cottagecore best aesthetic perfumes
Photo: Camille Brodard/unsplash

Imagine a picturesque cottage in the middle of green shrubbery and foliage, surrounded by colourful flowers in full bloom. Somewhere in the middle of that, sits a cute table with a pretty porcelain tea set to match, giving the otherwise naturalistic ambience a human touch. 

eat the peach best aesthetic perfumes
Photo: Eat the Peach/Addict SG

That is the general vibe of the cottagecore aesthetic: floral, woody, and a little fruity. One of our best aesthetic perfumes for this is A’ddict’s Eat the Peach (S$78.49), a delightful mix of a sandalwood base laced with fruity top elements to give off a light scent that accompanies you throughout the day! 

gucci bloom eau de parfum best aesthetic perfumes
Photo: @Gucci/pinterest

If you prefer something even richer, then you might want to consider Gucci’s Bloom Eau De Parfum (S$103.90). It carries a rich floral fragrance that makes you feel as though you are the human embodiment of cottagecore itself.

Buy them from Shopee here, and here.

2. Fairycore

Photo: @verbamystica/pinterest

A close cousin of cottagecore, fairycore has similar visuals and natural foliage just like the former except that it defines itself with an extra layer of fantasy aesthetic, centering around the concept of fae creatures and elf mythology. 

We think that Jo Malone really outdid themselves with these best two aesthetic perfumes that fit right into fairycore’s pixie-like vibe. Peony & Blush (S$75) is true to its name with the exquisite floral scent of peony and rich texture of suede, topped with a light apple fruity scent to give this fragrance an innocent twist. 

Photo: @inspiredliving.by.alena/instagram

If you’re into more woody and musky scents, English Oak & Hazelnut (S$185) would definitely be right up your alley. With its base notes of roasted oak and cedarwood, this scent is topped with a fresh nutty hazelnut fragrance. 

Photo: @Lush Angel/pinterest

This might not be for everyone, but for me, this makes me feel like I’ve been transported to a forest glade in the middle of a fairytale garden. 

Buy them from Shopee here, and here.

3. The Roaring 20s 

the roaring 20s pinterest the roaring twenties best aesthetic prefumes
Photo: @mary/pinterest

If you are a film and theatre buff like me, this aesthetic would not be lost on you as the most iconic and sequin-laced fashion era of its time! Also known as the age of jazz, the Roaring 20s remains one of the most recognisable for its top hats and coiffed hairstyles. 

So if you want to smell like you have just stepped into the world of The Greatest Showman or Moulin Rouge, I would Absolut-ely recommend Versace’s Bright Crystal Absolut (from S$57.90). With its good balance of floral and fruity scents, this long-lasting scent will remain fresh on you for the entire day. 

versace bright crystal absolut best aesthetic perfumes
Photo: Kaiscent/facebook

Alternatively, LE LABO THE NOIR 29 (S$39.42) is one of the best aesthetic perfumes for sultry and smokiness, perfectly evoking the aesthetic of the Roaring 20s. Possessing a depth of sensual woody musk to pair with that prep in your step, this fragrance will awaken your inner bougee and bring to life the inner temptress in you. 

Photo: Minh Tan Nguyen/facebook

Buy them from Shopee here, and here

4. Regencycore 

If you have never heard of regencycore, it features pastel colours and romantic yet elegant vibes that look like they have come straight out of a “Bridgerton”-inspired set. 

regency core regency era best aesthetic perfumes
Photo: @just a shy raven/pinterest

Noted for its fine arts and achievements in literature at the time (Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice, anyone?) regencycore presents a backdrop of royalty and nobility for those who are in love with this style. 

Maison Margiela’s When The Rain Stops (S$96) is described as fresh and earthy, kind of like the “smell after rain”. However, I would personally describe it as leaning towards more aquatic, with balanced floral and green notes, and a lightness that brings to mind a freshly watered greenhouse or the scent of a foggy morning. 

Photo: Maison Margiela Fragrances/facebook

But for even more of a royal touch, Penhaligon’s The Favourite EDP (S$160) still stands as one of the best aesthetic perfumes to make you feel at your most majestic. It’s pink, it’s classy, and it’s elegant, with a violet floral scent and powdery notes that give off a very feminine and clean aroma, perfect for those looking to be their very own diamond of the season

penhaligon's the favourite best perfumes
Photo: thepalette._/facebook

Buy them from Shopee here, and Sephora here

5. Dark Academia

Besides the commonly used visuals of Hogwarts-like staircases, dark academia is a broad aesthetic that we have come to intimately know and love, given its popularity on TikTok,  Pinterest, and of course, Tumblr.

Photo: @Vanessa Rodriguez/pinterest

In the case of narrow dark university halls and piles of books, Beauty Black Orchid EDP (S$160) by Tom Ford is one of the best aesthetic perfumes in capturing this elegant and spicy essence, accentuated by a rich earthy undertone.

tom ford black orchid perfume
Photo: Tom Ford Beauuty/facebook

For those who prefer a more fruity and citrus-forward scent that is also filled with depth, Black Pepper (S$66.50) by KORRES remains as one of the more preferred lighter scents that features alluring notes of black pepper, cedar, and amber musk. 

Photo: Pitsa Malikkidou Lito Karaolidou Pharmacy/facebook

As stated in Dead Poets Society (1989), “Medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits, and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for.” With this iconic quote at the peak of the dark academia aesthetic, these two perfumes definitely bring its mood  to life. 

Buy them from Sephora here, and LookFantastic here.

6. Old Money

old money best aesthetic perfumes
Photo: @Adrijana/pinterest

A more recent aesthetic you’ve probably seen all over TikTok is old money. Usually associated with themes of generational wealth, this aesthetic is all about “quiet luxury” items such as designer items paired with tailored pieces.  

tom ford best aesthetic perfumes
Photo: Tom Ford Beauty/facebook

Those who want to channel this aesthetic should look no further than Tom Ford’s Oud Wood (S$85.44), which comes off strong and sensual with dominant overtones of wood paired with tonka bean and amber spicy elegance! 

ebony wood zara best aesthetic perfumes
Photo: beauty_fragrance254/facebook

For those who lean towards a little bit more spice (think “hot cinnamon in front of a crackling fireplace” vibes) combined with a sprinkle of woodiness, then perhaps Ebony Wood (S$55.90) by ZARA is a better (and less pricey) option for a cosy type of old money aesthetic perfume. 

Buy them from Shopee here, and from ZARA here.

7. Clean Girl

If I were to associate the clean girl aesthetic with anything, it would be with a minimalist yet effortless look — think tight tops, high-waisted jeans, and subtle fresh-faced makeup. 

Photo: German Larkin/Vogue

If you’re into that, Byredo’s Blanche (S$67.20) is one of the best aesthetic perfumes for a fresh, clean, and all-encompassing. The floral yet musky undertones of this fragrance might initially come off as clashing at first, but it serves to strike a well-balanced aroma that’ll accompany you throughout the day.

byredo blanche best aesthetic perfumes
Photo: Hiromi Silva/facebook

Fans of a more light and citrus-y smell may prefer Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue (S$85.90) perfume. The two major notes are citrus and woody, and when paired with slight undertones of aromatic freshness, become essential in achieving the clean girl look.

Photo: Le Duc Trung/facebook

Buy them from Shopee here, and here

And there you have it, these are some of the best perfumes that we would pick to go with these seven aesthetics! Which ones would you go for? 

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