10 creative date ideas instead of just dinner & drinks

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It’s year six into my relationship, and admittedly, an evening of overpriced dinner and drinks does get old over time. The initial thrill of rushing ahead of the crowd to get in on the exclusive V-day menu wears off, and soon you realise that you’ll save half the money by scheduling the dinner date just a few days after 14 February.

So instead of jostling with the crowd this season, or any season for that matter, here are other ways you can spend time together while still thoroughly enjoying yourselves.

1. Volunteering

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Take the occasion to think about how you and your significant other can give back to those around you this season, and you’ll realise that volunteering is a great way to do something meaningful while spending time together. Sign yourselves up to volunteer at a soup kitchen, animal shelter for the critter-loving ones, or even distributing care packs to migrant workers, elderly, and the underprivileged.

If you’re unsure where to start, perhaps you can filter your activity here by the cause, or by the skillsets you possess. Remember, there’s always room to give back so long as your heart’s the right place.

2. Thrifting

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Instead of falling prey to the usual capitalist rabbit hole that Valentine’s Day usually is, contest the norm and challenge yourself and your date to spend as little as possible instead. While spending the day thrift shopping, how about holding a mini friendly competition of putting an outfit together for as cheap as possible? Staying true to the virtue of thriftiness as well as sustainability — it’s a win-win for your wallet and the environment.

3. Bungee Jumping

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They say that bonds can form and people can fall in love under a setting of heightened fear. So what better way to create that environment than to hurl yourself off 17 stories on a blustery day? Leap off Sentosa Skypark and drink in (literally) breathtaking views of Singapore’s Siloso Beach, and let the adrenaline do the rest of the talking. Perhaps a sunset meal by the beach after when the high wears off isn’t a bad idea to wrap up the heart-pumping experience of the day, either.

Book your bungee here.

4. Smashing Things

Photo: The Fragment Room

Gear up for destruction while you and your date unleash all that inner rage at The Fragment Room. A package for two goes for S$75 and comes with all the gear you need to suit up and stay safe. 40 minutes of pure, unhinged chaos comes together with a crate of breakages per pax, and you can choose from their selection of add-ons should you wish to smash more electronics like phones and old printers. 

Book your tickets to The Fragment Room here.

5. Litter Picking 

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Do your part for the environment this Valentine’s Day while getting to spend time with your partner, with Litter Picking. As straightforward as it is, you don’t have to go through an organisation to do so. Simply get some trash bags, metal tongs and some disposable gloves, pick a location of your choice and you’re good to go. 

Sign up here.

6. After-dark dates

Photo: Sundowner

If you and your beau are night owls, or are working until late and won’t have time to see each other until then, then perhaps some after-dark dates work better for your schedules. Hit up Mandai Wildlife Reserve’s Rainforest Lumina, where you can take part in a multimedia adventure at Singapore Zoo itself, or if you both are going for more of a chill night in, local urban farm The Sundowner offers lounge and movie sessions hosted at their private enclave away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Here, you can choose between relaxing at the private rooftop or uniquely desert-themed The Nomad’s Tent. 

Book your tickets to the final season of Rainforest Lumina here.

7. Tortoise Feeding 

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Head on over to Singapore’s first Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum, where you can get up close and personal with these adorable living relics. Home to 700 over types of tortoises, as well as a variety of rare species such as the Six Legged Tortoise and Sulcata Tortoise, you’ll find friendly Terrapins and Box Turtles free-roaming the grounds. Visitors will also get a chance to feed these gentle reptiles too. 

More ticketing information here.

8. MRT rides aboard the new Thomson-East Coast Line

Photo: SMRT

Take a little trip around Singapore from the comforts of an MRT Cabin. Though you won’t be able to enjoy food and drink on the train itself, we recommend exploring the newly opened Thomson-East Coast Line Stage 2 (TEL2), which takes you from Caldecott to Woodlands North. If you have time to spare, why not try a round-island adventure via the various MRT lines and set foot into somewhere you have never been before. 

9. VR gaming 

Photo: Sandbox VR

If gaming is something you and your partner enjoy together, why not take that hobby one step further and delve into the world of VR (Virtual Reality). Studios such as V-Room Singapore and Sandbox VR offer a plethora of games from all genres, such as Deadwood Mansion, Amber Sky 2088 and Insanity VR. 

Book your VR session here.

10. Fitness Classes

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They say, a couple that keeps fit together, stays together. Why not bump up the dopamine and head on to a fitness class together? In addition to the increasingly popular, Climbing, why not try your hands at some Acroyoga, which can help work on your couple dynamic and communication. Bounce your way to health with some Trampoline classes that can ensure you get in a decent workout, without the expense of your joints and knees. 

Book your next workout here.

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