Just opened: At3 Café is like an upscale IKEA, café edition

by Evan Mua
@3 at3 cafe singapore

When you mention “Swedish”, the first to pop in most people’s minds is the blues and yellows of IKEA. But newcomer At3 Café brings the Nordic vibes, and food, without the grueling queues.

@3 at3 cafe singapore decor
Photo: @popwator/instagram

At3 Café’s décor is the personification of the Nordic or Scandinavian Minimalist aesthetic that’s been so popular lately.

Café hoppers would marvel at the clean white walls and uncovered floors, accentuated by touches of earthy tones.

@3 at3 cafe singapore screen
Photo: @xp11/instagram

Whilst At3 Café’s décor obviously values simplicity, they are not afraid to pepper some spice into the minimalism. In particular, many have taken their OOTDs with the elegant backlit window screen.

Not to mention the other array of interior design genius like the floor mural and a majestic curved wooden table.

At3 Café’s keen eye for aesthetics don’t just top at their décor though, it is reflected in their crockery as well.

For example, At3 Cafe’s wildly popular curved glasses have been posted all over social media. You can get it with coffee choices like Black (S$6), White (S$7), and their Brown (S$7.50) Mocha.

@3 at3 cafe singapore coffee
Photo: @sun_downed/instagram

Extra Shots (S$1) and Oat Milk (S$1) are also available if you want to tweak your cuppa.

One cool thing about At3 Café’s coffee is that it’s sourced from popular Swedish roasters like Drop Coffee Roasters and Gringo Nordic Coffee Roasters. So you get an authentic taste of Sweden.

Otherwise, the Matcha Latte (S$6.50) is also a popular choice for those who want something more besides typical coffee.

@3 at3 cafe singapore skagen toast
Photo: @coffee_at3.sg/instagram

On the food menu, At3 Café does a lot of small Nordic bites that might throw you back to IKEA with their cute little flags.

In particular, their Skagen Toast (S$18) seems to be the trendy choice because of the gorgeous plating. This traditional Swedish nibble is served with coldwater shrimps and dill sauce on sourdough toast.

Photo: @alhsx/instagram

Otherwise, Ate3 Café’s other traditional Swedish meals include their Swedish Meatball (S$18) and Smoked Salmon Sandwich (S$17).

Photo: @coffee_at3.sg/instagram

If you’re looking for a hearty breakfast though, the exotic sounding Viking Frukost (S$24) is a meal fit for warriors. Do note that it is only available on Weekends.

At3 Café is the place to go if you want a taste of Sweden but are put off by the crowds that form at IKEA (hey, we’re still in a pandemic after all). The sleek minimalist décor will be sure to make you feel like you’re on a Kinfolk Set.

At3 (@3) Cafe
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???? 63 Kampong Bahru Rd, Singapore 169369
????️ 9am–3pm (Mon, Thurs), 9am–5pm (Wed, Fri–Sun)

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