Just opened: Equate Coffee gives equal focus to beautiful aesthetics and specialty coffee

by Evan Mua
equate coffee singapore review

Equate Coffee is the cool new kid in the Tanjong Pagar neighbourhood. They technically only open on 1st March but they welcome takeaways currently.

Whilst “industrial chic” has been so so overdone, Equate Coffee’s take on the minimalist aesthetic and stylish branding sets a new benchmark for all future cafes.

Most striking of all is the wall which greets you at the door—raw, exposed concrete with an angular cavity as the entrance.

Photo: @doggaebi/instagram

Inside, Equate Coffee opted to dress itself in a greyscale spectrum, peppering elegant streaks of gold to complement the high walls like an idyllic, minimalist daydream.

The beautiful decor definitely reminds you off a spruced-up Korean-style café.

For their espresso, Equate Coffee uses a blend of Brazil and Sumatra beans. An interesting blend, with Sumatran beans growing in popularity due to their deep richness.

Photo: @equatecoffee/instagram

They serve the espresso blend in their Black (S$4.50/6oz), White (S$5/6oz), and Mocha (S$5.50/6oz). 8oz versions costs S$0.50 more, as do additional espresso shots (S$0.50).

For alt milk, Equate Coffee offers Oat or Soy Milk at S$1, similarly Ice also costs an additional S$1.

equate coffee cafe
Photo: @valentinachua/instagram

Alternatively, if you’re still reeling from caffeine from earlier, go for choices like Chocolate (S$5), Earl Grey Tea (S$5.50), and Ginger Lemon Tea (S$5.50).

Furthermore, unlike many other new coffeehouses nowadays, Equate Coffee has a strong focus on pastries as well. It’s even more admirable that they bake them in-house.

equate coffee singapore canele
Photo: @cassakating/instagram

They have 2 permanent items right now in the Canele ($4) and Mount Ondeh ($7). These intricately crafted treats are perfect for your instagram feed.

The Mount Ondeh is a unique pandan sponge that can be cut open to expose a cream cheese core. Fans of local flavours would enjoy the shaved coconut and drizzled Gula Melaka.

equate coffee
Photo: @cassakating/instagram

They also have a rotating cast of pastries besides the two. At the moment, it’s an soft and tea-fragrant Earl Grey Cake (S$4).

Equate Coffee’s keen eye for branding and very well-curated menu will appeal to many café hoppers in the area. Good vibes + good coffee = good times.

Equate Coffee
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???? 1 Tanjong Pagar Plaza, #02-25, Singapore 082001
????️ 8:30am–5:30pm (Mon–Fri), 8am–3pm (Sat)

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