House Downstairs is a Kinfolk dream that brings adventurous Asian flavours

by Evan Mua

House Downstairs is a new café that’s, ironically, not located below some houses. It’s a misleading name for a place that’s located at the entrance of Ulu Pandan community centre—more “community centre downstairs”.

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Regardless of name, it’s really nothing like the typical Singaporean house. House Downstairs is housed in a beautiful minimalist space dyed in white and wood tones, reminiscent of décor at Apartment.

The space is not just “instagrammable”, but also a vivid realisation of the best of Kinfolk and Pinterest’s understated aesthetics.

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It’s a decently-sized café that can seat 42 people, and the cosy atmosphere would make you feel more at home than at house downstairs.

While the décor makes House Downstairs look like a typical café, the menu is anything but. Built on an “East meets West” concept, the menu is an adventurous mishmash of both halves of the globe.

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For the “East” aspect, the most frequently featured one has to be their House Signature Craygee (S$18). Essentially a pao fan, it’s cooked with short-grained rice and served grilled Feiji Prawns and crayfish.

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Besides that, they also have put some quirky spins on popular dishes in the region. For example, the Laksa Goreng (S$16) is a combination of laksa and mee goreng, while the Gochujang Chicken with Rice (S$16) is prepared like a stew.

If you’re less adventurous, classics like the Homemade Scallion Pancake (S$6) and Mantous with Sweet Sambal Sauce (S$16) are also on the menu.

Moving on to the “West” aspect, House Downstair’s menu becomes a bit more toned down. But no one’s going to complain about the time-tested brunch choices such as the hearty Morning BB (S$20) breakfast platter or the Smashed Avo on Sourdough (S$14).

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If you’re looking for something lighter, there’s also a sandwich section. The Bacon, Egg & Cheese Sandwich (S$10) is the most popular one, mainly for its crispy, flaky croissant.

House Downstairs may be another gorgeously-decorated new café but it has a bit more than style going on for it. It’s not often you get local fusion twists in a café not in the gimmicky “salted egg chilli crab” vein. With the nice ambiance and creative ideas, House Downstairs is surely a place to look out for.

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📍 170 Ghim Moh Rd, #01-03 Ulu Pandan CC, Singapore 279621
🗓️ 10am–5pm (Daily)

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