Viral Korean skincare brand Beauty of Joseon now has a new sunstick for easy reapplications and glowy skin that you can get in Singapore


No prizes for anyone who gets the right answer — what’s the most important step in skincare? What’s that one thing that if you don’t do, you’ll render all of your skincare efforts pointless? If your answer is sun protection, then you’re absolutely right. 

But did you know that it isn’t enough to apply your sunscreen just once in the day? Whether it’s rain or shine, you have to re-apply your sunscreen every couple of hours to ensure that you have adequate protection from the harmful UV rays — and this is especially true for us as we live on such a sunny island. 

Still…even as somebody who knows all these facts, I still find myself skipping the reapplications on many days because I find it so inconvenient to try and do it on the go (and without ruining my makeup). 

That is, until the handy dandy sunsticks came into the picture. Popularised by many Korean skincare brands (and the celebrities that use them like BTS’ Suga), these convenient sunscreen sticks make reapplications super easy — so nobody has an excuse! 

Whether you’ve been in on the sunstick game or just getting started now, here’s a new kid on the block that you’d definitely want to check out — Beauty of Joseon’s Matte Sun Stick with Mugwort and Camelia

beauty of joseon matte sunstick singapore
Photo: Beauty of Joseon

For those who aren’t familiar with the brand, Beauty of Joseon is one of the most viral Korean skincare brands of 2022 — and their most popular product is, yes, you guessed it, their sunscreen. 

beauty of joseon
Photo: @the_kskin/instagram

And just like their og sunscreen, this new sunstick by the brand is also formulated while keeping the benefits of hanbang (Korean traditional medicine) in mind — which explains the use of herbal extracts like mugwort and camellia leaf extract. 

beauty of joseon matte sunstick singapore
Photo: Beauty of Joseon

Plus, while it is a matte sunstick, the product isn’t too drying and actually has more of a satin-like finish — meaning you won’t end up looking chalky or crusty. Instead, you’ll have a nice and subtle glow while being protected from sun damage (it’s a win-win!). 

beauty of joseon matte sunstick singapore
Photo: @tamunoabbey/instagram

Ready to add this handy little helper into your skincare routine? You can buy it online now! 

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