Unwind at this hidden hanok-style book cafe with DIY Korean snack trays, tea blends, sweet treats and more

by Kaye Yeo

“Hot? Iced tea! Tired? Coffee! Bored? Books! Welcome in!” If you ever see this signboard along Armenian Street, congratulations — you’ve just found bommoi, a cute Korean bookstore-cafe hidden among the clusters of museums in the area.

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Bommoi might just become your new favourite bookstore. There’s no traffic or noise, only zen vibes, as you lounge comfortably on hanok-style seating with Korean snacks and tea by large windows. 

Most of the books are in Korean, and you’ll mostly find Korean children’s picture books which bommoi specialises in. If you’re a beginner in Korean and are looking to improve on your studies, these entry-level books are perfect for you. (I myself spent quite some time reading children’s books when I was learning Japanese!)

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For those looking to chill, there’s a small selection of English books available, including educational books, biographies, translated guides and more. Otherwise, flipping through the beautifully illustrated picture books is still an equally interesting way to pass the time!

Once you’ve chosen a book, make a beeline towards the hanok-style seating at the cafe area. This unique seating area emulates traditional Korean “floor seating”, with raised wooden platforms and soft cushions for you to rest on as you read.

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Don’t forget to order a cup of bommoi’s unique Tea Latte (S$9.50) or Tea Soda (S$9.50) to go with their Small Bite of the Day (S$4). It’ll typically be treats that you can only find in Korea

Want more of these Korean snacks? They’ve got you covered with their Kids Snack Tray Snack (S$7.50) set, where you can get to pick a juice box and any four snacks from their basket of Korean goodies. 

Photo: @singnowsing/instagram

bommoi also offers an extensive array of tea blends from Korean tea brands Chasigan (CSG, from S$9.50) and Altdif (from S$6). The tea blends range from black to rooibos teas, with floral, herbal, fruit infusions and more. Additionally, each steaming pot of tea is served with two pieces of yakgwa — traditional Korean honey cookies — which you can snack on while savouring your tea.

Photo: @chasigan_official/instagram

Other than books, there’s some adorable stationery and small gifts for sale as well. This peaceful bookstore and cafe occasionally hosts book clubs, talks and reading sessions, so if you’re interested in learning more about Korean language and culture, head down to bommoi the next time you’re free!

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???? 50 Armenian Street, #01-02, Singapore 179938
???? 10am–7pm (Tue to Sun), Closed on Mon

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